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Virus Demonstration: Protests against sanitisation restrictions to combat Covid-19

Chinese Tennis: Photographs of Chinese tennis player Peng Shuai are published, but international concern remains about his whereabouts and condition.

– Virus Disclosure


Thousands of protests around the world against sanitary measures due to the pandemic

Thousands of people demonstrated in the Netherlands and other countries this Saturday against health measures that were reinstated to try to prevent a new onslaught of the coronavirus pandemic.

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Images of Chinese tennis player Peng Shuai create more confusion

Two videos and several photos: A smiling Peng Shuai reappeared on social media Saturday night, as international pressure mounts on Chinese officials to provide information on the Chinese tennis player’s whereabouts.

Sebastian RICCI. By

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What do we know about the case of Chinese tennis player Peng Shuai?

There is growing concern about the whereabouts and health of Peng Shuai. The 35-year-old Chinese tennis champion accused a senior Chinese leader of forcing her to have sex in early November and has not appeared in public since.

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Censorship and legal hurdles slow the #MeToo movement in China

Censorship and the many legal hurdles faced by whistleblowers have significantly slowed the #MeToo movement in China, a deeply patriarchal country.

By Jing Xuan Teng and Beiyi Seo

(China attacks female feminism machismo, focus, 650 words – already circulated)

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Los Angeles, USA:

WTA chief Steve Simon, who faces China for missing a tennis player

WTA Executive Director Steve Simon, a forward-thinking innovative tennis leader, has stood up to China over the disappearance of player Peng Shuai with a force unusual for the head of the world sporting body.

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– America


600 immigrants traveling in trailers rescued in Mexico

Mexican authorities on Friday rescued 600 immigrants being transported in two trailers in the eastern state of Veracruz, the National Institute of Immigration (INM) reported on Saturday.


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In Mexico, an indigenous “fashion week” against plagiarism

Mexico goes on the offensive against plagiarism of the ancestral art of its indigenous textile artisans, inviting several foreign designers to the capital this weekend to interact with communities in favor of similar fashions.

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Sameer Tounsi. By

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— Europe

Zrenjanin, Serbia:

Bitter reality of sugar factories in Serbia shaken by attacks

When Dung Nguyen left his native Vietnam for Serbia, he planned to work for a German company, but his passport was confiscated when he arrived at the site where a sugar factory was being built. He had to deal with painful life situations.

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by Miodrag SOVILJ

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Poland says Belarus changed strategy in migrant crisis

The Polish defense minister said on Saturday that Belarus, now in crisis with its Polish neighbor, has directed small migrant groups to several points along the border between the two countries.

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— Asia

New Delhi:

Pollution “Killing Us”: India’s Capital Can’t Breathe

For 30 years, he has been riding a motorcycle taxi on the streets of New Delhi, one of the most polluted cities in the world. Bhanjan Lal coughs non-stop and suffers from a chronic lung disease caused by toxic air in the Indian capital.

by Aatish Patel

(India Environment Coal Transport Pollution Energy, Feature, 550 words – Already circulated)

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A tourist island in Vietnam reopens with great hopes

Guide Lai Chi Phuc was counting down the days so that visitors can return to the beaches and rainforest of the Vietnamese island of Phu Quoc, which aims to become a hot destination for tourism in Asia once restrictions are lifted by the pandemic.

By Thi Minh Ha and Alice Phillipson in Hong Kong

(Vietnam pandemic virus health travel tourism, focus, 750 words – already circulated)

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Wooden cameras gradually disappear from the streets of Afghanistan

Haji Mirzaman was a teenager when he began taking photographs in the 1960s with his “magic box”, a handcrafted wooden device with which he roamed the streets of downtown Kabul in search of customers.


(Afghanistan Society of Culture Photography, Photo Story, 300 words – already circulated)

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— Africa


Calls for a new mass demonstration in Sudan despite deadly repression that killed 40

Hundreds of coup opponents in Sudan rallied again on Saturday and called for new mass protests on Sunday, despite at least 40 people who have died in nearly a month.

(Sudan Coup Armed Forces Official Demonstration, Central Note Update, 650 words – already transmitted)



An evangelical church in Rwanda shelters LGBT believers

When popular Rwandan singer Albert Nabonibo revealed his homosexuality, he lost everything overnight: job, friends, family… Rejected by his parish, he received an unexpected reception at an evangelical church in Kigali.

by Ivan Rush Mugisha

(Rwanda Gay Christianity Church Rights, Focus, 700 words – already circulated)

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— Society


Legendary storyboard for “Dune”, Jodorowsky’s canceled project, up for auction

The legendary storyboard of “Dune” created by Franco-Chilean Alejandro Jodorowski, a Pharaohic project in which Salvador Dalí or Mick Jagger were to participate, goes up for auction in Paris this Monday.

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