1 Army soldier injured after training encounter with wild bear that attacked Alaska base

A US Army soldier died after being attacked by a wild bear during a training exercise on the 10th. planned. (Reuters/Alamy/Sorin Kolak)

alaskaAn Army soldier has died after being seriously injured after being attacked by a wild bear during a training exercise the previous day, Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson in Anchorage announced in a press statement.

USA Today and local media reported on the 11th that a small team of United States Army Alaska soldiers were training at the TA 412 Training Area (TA 412) west of the Anchorage Regional landfill, but faced a wild bear attack. fell.

The 673d Security Forces Squadron was the first to respond to the attack, Alaska Wildlife Troops are currently searching for the bears, and the 412 training area is closed to the public, the base’s press statement said. Do all the fun activities.

The identity of the Army jawan has been kept a secret for the time being and his immediate family has been informed. It is unclear what species of wild bear attacked the soldiers, and Bess said more information would be released later.


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