1 dental implant of 20,000 yuan can change a suit in the county

The scale of dental implants in China is on the order of RMB 100 billion, but there are only 175 dentists per million people. The photograph shows a Shanghai family doctor examining an elderly man’s teeth. (Xinhua news agency)

From 2012 to 2019, the number of dental implants in China increased from 180,000 to about 3.12 million, with a compound growth rate of 49.95%.securitiesInstitutions estimate that the scale of China’s dental implant market is expected to reach 150 billion to 300 billion yuan (RMB, approximately 22 billion to 44.1 billion US dollars).

China News Weekly reported that 29-year-old Li Qian spent about 20,000 yuan (about US$2,944) to get a dent, which led him to understand that “one dent is the equivalent of buying a BMW” and “one dent is worth a suit”. For “in the county”. The words are not false.

Why are dental implants so expensive? Behind these questions lies a fundamental question: do you really need to go through the dental implant stage?

After a tooth has disappeared, there are three main ways to restore teeth: dental implants, fixed dentures and removable dentures (ie dentures). As an alternative, dental implants are referred to as the “third set of human teeth”.

According to Lin Jiang, director of the Department of Stomatology, Tongren Hospital affiliated with Capital Medical University, dental implants are only a fake third set of ideal teeth, and they are still relatively high-level consumer demand. , can be substituted.”

Lin Jiang said that the development of periodontal disease is a possible and hidden process. There are not many symptoms in the early and middle stages. There will be slight bleeding at most when brushing teeth. The patient will not initiate the therapy. treatment.

“It’s been almost 10 years since China attached great importance to oral health.” Dental implantologist Xu Baohua said with emotion. Oral cavity in mainland ChinaMedicineNot taken seriously, and a reality of inadequate dentists.

According to the “China Health Statistical Yearbook (2020)”, there are 195,000 dentists and 110,000 dental institutions in China. In 2020, there are about 810 dentists per million people in European countries and about 608 in the United States.BeijingIt ranks first among major cities with 405 dentists per million people. On average, there are only 175 Chinese dentists in China per million people.

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