Wednesday, July 6, 2022

1 photo / East Zone Bucks continue draw card in second round of NBA playoff West Zone Grizzlies

Halladay made significant defensive contributions, and the Bucks won 3 wins and 2 draws in the series. (Reuters)

this seasonnbaAfter nearly 6 months of fierce fighting in the regular season, the East and West regionsplayoffsThe top 16 have all been released, and the 2-month playoffs will begin on the 16th, and the finals on the 2nd of June. Currently, the top 16 dendrogram battle tables are listed in the East and West regions. The eventual champion must pass the test of 4 rounds and a total of 16 victories to gain the top championship. The following are the latest results from the East and West playoffs:

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NBA/Brown acting Warriors coach 12-game winning streak interrupted two games and led the Grizzlies by only 45.7 seconds

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