11 dead and dozens missing in a mine fire in Siberia

World11 dead and dozens missing in a mine fire...

  • The mining operation belongs to Vladimir Gredin, a powerful local oligarch with Putin

Accidents in Russia‘s mines, often the result of labor negligence, happen on a daily basis. at least 11 miners have lost their lives and others 46 Missing due to accident in coal pit Siberian region of Kemerovo, Till midday, rescue operations had to be postponed danger of work,

The fate of the missing is unknown, as it was not possible to establish contact with them since Thursday afternoon. According to the information portal Meduza, dozens of people have been injured as a result of the accident, of whom up to fifty, whose causes are still unknown. The Investigative Committee, the equivalent body to the prosecutor’s office, has launched an investigation into “violations of safety rules” in the workplace.

Emergency services sources have informed the TASS agency that coal dust set fire to the ventilation duct about 250 meters deep, and as a result, smoke spread around corner of mine, “There was no explosion, no damage to the mine,” the sources said. mining operation is grow sds, a company belonging to the holding SDS, owned by oligarch Vladimir Gridin and his sons, a powerful businessman who has held important political positions and with close ties to the president Vladimir Putin,

“a tragedy”

Well, the gravity of the incident has even forced the Kremlin leader Come to the front And to direct a message to the nation for clarification. “this is a great tragedy“The Kremlin leader announced in a sad tone.” We hope we’ll be able to save it as many as possible of the people,” he continued, before admitting that there was a risk to the rescue teams as well.

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Relatives of miners have thronged facilities environment and they don’t want to statement to the press, according to eyewitnesses gathered by Russian media. in parallel, ministry of emergency one is opened telephone hot line To report what happened. While the local authorities of the Kemerovo region have announced three days of mourning,

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This is not the first tragedy to affect the Listviyazna mine, located near the town of Gramotino in central Siberia. In 2004, a methane explosion killed 13 people and injured about twenty. A quarter century ago, when the USSR still existed, other five people They perished as a result of a deflation. The economic growth the country has experienced over the past two decades since President Putin came to power has failed to end the tragedies in the country’s mining operations. In 2010, 91 miners were also killed in another mine in the Kemerovo region. The last major accident occurred two years ago, when an illegal dam broke at a gold mine in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, also in Siberia. 17 dead,

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