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12 injured in Gaicheng apartment explosion in Maryland

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MarylandA condo apartment in Gaithersburg, Montgomery, suddenly exploded on the morning of the 16th, injuring 12 people, two of them seriously, including four children. The vibrations and loud noises are also extremely scary; The case is the third residential building explosion in Montgomery County since 2016.

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Montgomery County Fire Chief Scott Goldstein said the incident occurred near 800 Queens Orchard Avenue and Rabbitt Road. A garden-style community apartment suddenly exploded at 8:40 am, causing a massive fire. The fire was extinguished after an hour. At least 12 people were injured and sent to the hospital, two of whom were seriously injured, and four children who were injured were slightly or moderately injured.

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Firefighters said two apartments were severely damaged and partially collapsed by the blaze. The debris scattered and parts of the construction were flung into the parking lot ten feet away. The other two apartments were also affected and all personnel were safely evacuated. The number of people affected is still unknown.

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Goldstein said the cause of the blaze is still unclear, and the threat to some apartments has not been ruled out, so it is difficult for emergency personnel to enter the investigation; Any reports of a gas leak or other dangerous conditions, he warned, “if people smell gas, get out as quickly as possible and call 911.”

After the incident, Brandon Savage, the owner of a small business across the street, said he heard a loud bang and was “shocked and felt the whole building shake.” Nightmare”; Montgomerypublic schoolThe system (MCPS) said nearby Brown Station Elementary School was not affected in any way, but the school closed early, and parents needed to pick up their children with a certificate.

The case is the third residential building bombing in Montgomery County since 2016.natural gasIn 2016, also in Silver Spring, there was a fatal explosion at the Flower Branch Apartments, and a total of seven people were killed. The accident was caused by equipment failure.

On the 16th, a sudden explosion at an apartment in Gacheng, Montgomery County injured 12 people, two of them seriously. (Provided by Montgomery County Fire Department)


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