13 phrases from Lionel Messi: Link with Sergio Ramos, Xavi’s arrival at Barcelona and World Cup final

U.S.A.13 phrases from Lionel Messi: Link with Sergio Ramos,...

After qualifying for the Qatar 2022 World Cup with the Argentine team after a dual FIFA date, in which they won a win against Uruguay and a draw against Brazil, Lionel Messi He returned to Paris and from there he gave an interview to a Spanish newspaper. Mark on the occasion of Eighth trophy for the highest scorer of the previous season in Spain,

“The truth is that crazy to win so many Pichichiso, It seemed impossible that he could reach Zara’s six, much less than him. It’s something spectacular,” he said. flea, before talking about topics like His Relationship with Sergio Ramos in paris, The Arrival of Javi and Dani Alves For Barcelona, ​​the Ronaldo’s turn His wonderful gift with the team of Manchester United and Lionel Scaloni.

The most outstanding phrases from the interview with Lionel Messi

On Ronaldo: “Cristiano already knew the club, but he was in the second tier and now he has adapted in an impressive way. He has scored as usual from the start and He had no problem adapting. It’s not as good at the premiere as we all thought, but it’s a very tough and even contest in which things take a lot of turn. A lot changes after December and anything can happen.”

On their rivalry in La Liga: “It’s been a long time since we stopped competing in the same league. We competed individually and as a team for the same goals. It was a beautiful platform for us as well as for the people as they thoroughly enjoyed it. It is a beautiful memory that will live on in the history of football.”

Both stars switched teams in the last transfer market (Getty Images)

Candidates to Win Champions: “Everyone says we’re the big favorites and I will not deny that we are one of the candidates namedBut we still need things to be a really strong team. We have to reinvent ourselves as a team and we have the advantage of having very good players to achieve that.”

“The Champions League is a very tough competition, which is what makes it so beautiful and special. The best teams are there and it’s getting more and more complicated. Yes, we are one of the favourites, but not the only ones”.

Why Barcelona is not a candidate: “He’s going through a rebuilding phase with a team that has many young players, Today I think there are better teams than Barcelona, ​​but, although they give the impression now, that doesn’t mean they won’t fight later because we’ve got to see the arrival of Xavi, the new confusion and the power to heal some players whose Don’t have it anymore. They can continue to grow and fight”.

On coming to the bench as Xavi’s substitute: “He is a coach who knows a lot, knows the house very well and has lived in Barcelona since childhood. He has renewed the confusion in Barcelona Because he is a man highly respected by the fans and the players.”

“He will be a very important coach for young footballers as he will teach them. With him the team will go a long way. I often talk with Javi. Evergreen. we are friends, We have shared many things and we have been in touch since he left. I don’t remember what I told him in the message, I congratulated him for this new step and wished him all the best.”

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The return of Dani Alves: “I was shocked, especially at this time. I think it can be a good addition, as in Xavi’s case, it can be important for young people. He will help them grow because he is a winning person and transmits a lot”

Dani Alves returns to FC Barcelona (Reuters)
Dani Alves returns to FC Barcelona (Reuters) (Albert / GEA /)

On Mbappe’s possible departure from Real Madrid: “I don’t know. Only he knows what is on his mind and what he is going to do. All I can say is that I am glad he is here this year. He is a very important player to fight for us and for our purposes. He has 100% head on our goals. And then you decide what to do when the season is over. I really don’t know what will happen”.

His Relationship with Sergio Ramos: “After so many years of rivalry it was strange at first“Being the two captains of Barca and Madrid, after playing so many classics, we had so many fights on the pitch… great rivalries in those classics. To have him as a companion today is a show. Slowly he is joining us and hopefully he will play soon as he will be a fundamental footballer to fight for the goals.

“I knew him from before. It’s true that we didn’t have very good conversations, but it’s been years since they surpassed each other in the league. I already knew what it was like. he had ex-partners who were with him So I already knew him in the Spanish team. And now that we’ve had more treatments here in Paris, I see that he’s a great man.”

Sergio Ramos already trains with the group (Reuters)
Sergio Ramos already trains with the group (Reuters) (Gonzalo Fuentes/)

Good current with Argentina team: “It was spectacular and incredible. I was able to accomplish one of the objectives that cost me dearly, the America‘s Cup, because I was very close at times but didn’t achieve it. We achieved our target of qualifying for the World Cup in a great way. And now want to go for more”.

“We know that we still have a long way to go to become one of the great candidates. We will try to arrive in the best possible way to continue competing as we are doing in each sport. (I Spain) With Spain or whatever. I want to reach a new final and achieve a new target. Illusion and dream are always there.”

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