Saturday, August 6, 2022

19-year-old Chinese man dies in BJ’s parking lot in New York

19 years old in Brooklyn, New Yorkchinese menA few days earlier, after shopping at BJ’s Mall in Bath Beach, he was robbed and shot by a strange 18-year-old;New York CityPolice released the identity of the gunman on the evening of the 5th. He had no previous criminal record and was charged with illegal possession of arms and use of firearms, robbery and murder.

The matter happened on the 4th at around 10:15. When more details were revealed, police said the deceased Chen Derek was not alone at the time. He and three other friends went shopping at the Shore Parkway shopping mall in 1752. , and then went to the opposite parking lot. the lift; Adino Tzul, 18, was sharing an elevator with four people on the third floor and when he flashed a 9mm pistol and robbed them, Chen Derek gave the other party a backpack, another name also to a 17-year-old friend. Forced to hand over my wallet and unlimited bluetooth headphones.

When the elevator reached the first floor, Chen Derek suddenly changed his mind and ran to the robbers to fight back. The gunman then fired two shots at Chen Derek. They all ran in different directions. One of the friends called 911. Although Chen Derek was taken to the hospital, he still died.

After the incident, the gunman fled to the Gravesend Bay shoreline behind the mall; Infrared camera footage captured by the NYPD Aviation Division shows the gunman sitting on a cliff on the shore and holding three men.policeAfter finding him, she signaled him to turn, and Idino Zul raised his hand to express his surrender, and he was immediately arrested and sent to the 62nd Precinct.

Investigation revealed that the gunman shot the deceased due to the robbery. He and his friends did not know each other before. The gunman himself was also a customer of BJ’s Mall with no previous criminal record. In this case, he was charged with two counts of illegal possession of weapons, four counts of unlawful use of a firearm, six counts of robbery, and the highest count, with murder.

BJ’s parking lot where the shooting started. (Reporter Yan Jian/Photography)


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