2.7 women have been murdered daily in Colombia in recent years; This is the current panorama of gender violence in the country

U.S.A.2.7 women have been murdered daily in Colombia in...

Violence against women, this is Panorama in Colombia EFE / Rayner Peña R.

This Thursday, November 25, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women is observed, however, this phenomenon does not seem to be stopping. A new report by UN Women, based on data from 13 countries since the pandemic, shows that 2 in 3 women faced some form of violence or knew a woman who had experienced it. Unfortunately, only 1 in 10 said they would turn to the police for help.

Worldwide, one in three women have experienced physical or sexual violence, primarily by a romantic partner and Every day 137 women are killed by their own family members. The figures in Colombia do not cease to exist, in the latest report presented by Legal Medicine on the status of gender violence, which highlights the rates of violence against women in Colombia.

As shared by the unit, during January and October 2021, 98,545 women were victims of some form of violence, with 797 of these figures corresponding to homicides, an increase compared to 2020, the overall previous period There were 88 more cases than 97,354 women were registered for injuries or assaults, 16,402 for interpersonal violence, 15,644 for alleged sexual offences, 8,534 for intra-family violence, 23,679 for intimate partner violence and 394 for suicide.

Violence against women, this is the panorama in Colombia EFE / Saschenka Gutierrez
Violence against women, this is the panorama in Colombia EFE / Saschenka Gutierrez

According to the report created by the Single Registry of Victims, during 2021, 33,874 people in Colombia have been victims of crimes against freedom and sexual integrity in the development of armed conflict, of which 91.8% of the victims are women.

In recent years, violence against women in Colombia has become a public health problem and a systematic violation of human rights, which continued to increase during the pandemic, when many women were forced to confine themselves to social and compulsory isolation . Close up with your attackers.

On average, 51.5 girls and teens are victims of sexual violence every 24 hours, with 78 percent of these incidents occurring in their own homes.

domestic violence:

The University of La Sabana conducted a study on how women live in their homes and interact with their partners at the moment in which they have to stay at home due to the pandemic.

about physical violence, Study participants reported that they had been affected by: a husband (13%), mother (10%), a brother (6.8%) and father (6.5%). In addition, they were victims of economic violence, particularly by their spouse or a brother, and they state that having a lower economic status minimized them in their role as mothers. Finally, on sexual violence, research results show that 12.8% of women, their husbands or permanent partners have sought to have sex with them at least once.

Universidad de la sabana - the study of domestic violence
Universidad de la sabana – the study of domestic violence

More than 308 mothers associated with a state program took part in the study, who have also been caregivers of children ages zero to five. These women have also faced domestic violence of psychological, physical, economic and in some cases sexual violence.

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Also, the Ombudsman’s Office presented its latest gender-based violence bulletin with data it had collected during the year and indicated that of the reported homicides, it had already confirmed that 64 cases were female- related to murder. In addition, he is aware of 76 cases of attempt to commit the same offence.

According to the unit, most of the murders took place in Córdoba, where 12 cases have been reported; Santander and Caqueta each report six cases in the department; and Kaka, where four cases are counted. Similarly, there is a significant report of attempted femicide in Norte de Santander (24), Choco (8), Cundinamarca (6), Caca (5) and Santander (4).

Officials indicated that violence against women has unfortunately increased significantly during the pandemic. From 2018 to 2021, the Office of the Ombudsman registered 351 cases of alleged murder of women and most of them since 2020.

On the other hand, the Group National Reference Center on Violence of the National Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences revealed a report with cold data, it is about the violent deaths of women between the years 2015 and 2019. On average, 2.7 women were murdered daily in Colombia during that period.

According to the Network of Disappeared and Corps System (Sirdec), in that period Violent deaths of 5,013 women were recorded, This means that the average rate per 100,000 thousand women is 4.12.

The report also revealed that 86.6% of 600 women treated in cases of violence were assaulted by their romantic partner, former partner, an acquaintance or relative. In the 2,708 cases reported as the violent death of a woman, a firearm was used, representing 54% of the total.

Hotline for cases of violence against women:

If a woman is the victim of violence or is at risk of assault, she can contact the 24-hour toll-free telephone lines at: line 155, from any cell phone, district purple line 01 8000 112 137, and purple whatsapp 300 755 1846. There you will receive counseling and psychosocial care or call the emergency number 123 where the call will be answered promptly.

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