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2 Mother loves digging garbage and earns 3 million yuan a year by digging garbage

marylandThe mother of two recently shared her money-making tips, saying she loves “digging through trash” to dig up treasure. Although this habit is a bit strange, it has brought him an average of “pocket money” of about US$100,000 per year.

According to the New York Post, 40-year-old Jennifer Leras is a resident of Baltimore, Maryland. Now a mother of two children, she has had a special habit since her college days, that is digging treasures in the garbage heap.

She shared that it was because she was taking an art class and the professor suggested she look through the trash cans and maybe find some interesting material. From that point on, she frequently went to the dustbin. Even though she now runs her own marketing company, she still often stops to look for treasures when driving past trash bins.

She once found a Dyson hair dryer, Le Creuset kitchenware, designer bags, jewelry, etc. worth US$500 (about NT$15,000) in the garbage. He found that although some things needed adjusting or repairing, most of them were still usable. Sometimes she would even find completely unworn clothes, food or stationery that was not broken. Since these items were clean and cost nothing, Lelas could easily donate them to others. Are.welfareOrganization, don’t feel burdened.

She claims that she earns an average of around US$100,000 per year by reselling these items. Apart from reselling and donating, she will also give the useful items she finds to her family and friends and the people who receive them are very happy. She said that she did this not because her family was poor, but because she did not want to waste the items and wanted to help others through these items.



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