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Chile election: Chile goes to second round between two opposite poles

Venezuela election: Chavismo overtakes Venezuelan elections by winning 20 of Caracas and 23 states

USA Vehicles: Police will charge man who killed 5 people while attacking a parade in the United States

Germany Virus: Rise in Covid-19 cases worries German government

US Fed: Biden puts Jerome Powell on top of Fed

– Chile elections


Chile goes round two between opposite poles and the market celebrates

Far-right Jose Antonio Cast on one side, left-wing Gabriel Boric on the other: protests facing each other in Chile’s second presidential round, marked by two years of social protests that rocked one of Latin’s most stable countries . America.

by Alberto Pea

(Chilean political election, central note update, 700 words – already transmitted)

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“I feel responsible”: young Chileans who regret not voting fear Custo

The young Chilean, the hero of the protests two years ago for social equality, is terrified of a first-round victory by right-wing Jose Antonio Cast. Although many did not vote, they assure that they will support leftist Gabriel Borik on the ballot.

(Chile-Election-Politics, Reportage 700 words – already transmitted)

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Surprisingly third place in presidential election without setting foot in Franco Paris, Chile

Liberal candidate Franco Parisi finished third of all predictions in this Sunday’s presidential election in Chile, after moving his entire campaign from the United States online and not setting foot in the South American country throughout his election campaign.

Miguel SÁNCHEZ . By

(Chilean Political Elections, Focus, 600 words – already transmitted)

– Venezuela elections


Chavismo overcame elections in Venezuela, winning 20 of Caracas and 23 states

The ruling Chavismo won Caracas’s mayor and 20 out of 23 governors in Venezuela’s regional elections this Sunday, in a process that the opposition reneged after years of boycotts and boycotts.

By Javier Tovar, Esteban Rosa

(Venezuela politics election, central note, update, 700 words – already circulated)

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Fracture, fatigue and official power, the three keys to the opposition’s electoral defeat in Venezuela

The opposition in Venezuela suffered a catastrophic defeat in Sunday’s regional elections, unable to channel discontent over an acute crisis that caused the oil-rich country’s per capita GDP to level that of Haiti. Why?

by Esteban Rosa

(Venezuela Politics Elections, Focus, 750 words – already circulated)

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– USA Vehicles:


Police will charge a man who killed 5 and injured 48 while attacking a parade in the US

United States police officers announced this Monday that the suspect will be charged with “intentional manslaughter” on Sunday night for ramming a truck at a Christmas parade in the state of Wisconsin, which killed at least five people and 48. were injured.

(US Crash Parade, Central Note, Update, 750 words – 21:30 GMT)

– Germany Virus:


Fear limits in Germany and Austria as anger grows in Europe

“Vaccinated, cured or dead” at the end of winter: fears were winning Germany over an explosion of contamination from Covid-19, while neighboring Austria launched a new confinement on Monday, the first in Europe since a massive vaccination campaign Unprecedented measure.

By Yannick Pasquet in Berlin with Anne Bead and Denis Hruby in Vienna

(Germany Austria Netherlands France Virus pandemic health demonstration, central note, 750 words – already circulated)

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– US Fed:


Biden considers Powell the “right person” at the Fed to fight inflation

Jerome Powell is the “right person” to lead the Federal Reserve for a second term and fight a record rise in US inflation, President Joe Biden said on Monday after announcing he would be in office as the nation‘s most influential central bank. Keeping the chief. ,

by Chris Stein

(US Political Economy, Central Note, 780 words – already circulated)


Powell, a Biden-backed Republican for the Fed after the pandemic

He was named after Donald Trump, who later criticized him. Jerome Powell, backed by Joe Biden, remained at the head of the US Federal Reserve for four more years, steadfast in answering questions and going through one of the worst crises in US history.

(US Political Economy, Profile, 650 words – already circulated)

Other news by regions

– America

Puerto Bero, Colombia:

Vanished in Colombia: the bitter discovery that unblocked peace

a plastic flower on a blue niche; Inside, the remains of a stranger. Blanca Bustamante and other women adopted these “NNs” as a name and to mourn those who disappeared from the internal war in Colombia.

by Lena Vanegas

(Colombia missing conflict peace, report, 900 words – already transmitted)

United Nations:

Mexico calls on the United Nations to combat not only the hideout of smuggled weapons

Mexico this Monday urged international cooperation to combat arms smuggling and diversion at the UN Security Council “destination and place of origin” while the government‘s court case against US manufacturers continues. Boston.

by Anna Fernandez

(Mexico, Arms, LATAM, UN, Crime, Drug Trafficking, USA, Central Note, 670 words – 9:30 PM GMT)


Guns, tension and politics: road rage in America gets dramatic

When a speeding driver suddenly cut her off on a California highway in May, Joanna Clunan pointed hard at her. In response, a passenger in another car picked up a pistol and opened fire on his vehicle. He killed his six-year-old son in the back seat.

READ MORE  Pedro Castillo promulgated a law that extends automatic graduation until 2023

by Cyril Julien

(Weapon Killing Accident USA, Focus, 500 words – already broadcast)

— Europe


The trial of the French for “participation” in the genocide begins in France

French justice began on Monday to try a former French driver for “participation” in the 1994 Tutsis massacre in Rwanda, the third trial in France for one of the worst tragedies of the 20th century.

by Lucy Peterman

(France trial investigation Rwanda genocide minority, central note, 450 words – already transmitted)

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Marseille, France:

Far-right Le Pen on the defensive against controversial Xemour in France

During a visit to a food fair surrounded by cheeses and truffles, the leader of the French extreme right, Marine Le Pen, admitted that the start of the presidential election campaign in April has caused him indigestion.

by Adam Plwright

(France Political Elections, Focus, 600 words – already circulated)

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Reportedly, for the first time ever, the United States is one of the “falling democracies”

The United States appears on the list of “falling democracies” for the first time, according to a report on Democracy in the World published on Monday, largely due to its decline during the second half of Trump’s presidency.


(USA Brazil Poland Mali Democracy Right Democracy, note-central, 650 words – already transmitted)

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— Middle East


Iran expects ‘constructive’ meeting with IAEA director

Iran expects the visit of the IAEA director general, who will arrive in Tehran on Monday night, to be “constructive”, a week after the resumption of talks with the great powers to try to salvage the deal on the nuclear program in Vienna. Iranian.

by Ahmed Parhizi

(Iran IAEA Nuclear Diplomacy Sanctions, Note Central, Update, 550 words – already transmitted)

Ahmed Parzeez

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Leaving Gaza, the Juicy Market on the way to Egypt via Rafah

When Mustafa al-Sawaf denounced the “millions” on social media that private companies charge for preventing Palestinians from traveling on the “path of disgrace” between the Gaza Strip and Cairo, the inconveniences and traps engulfed Then his phone rang.

Guillaume LAVALLÉE . By

(Egypt Israel Palestinian Conflict Economy Travel, Research, 1,500 words – already circulated)

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Egypt returns to Gaza on investment in enclave reconstruction

Giant posters of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el Sisi or workers behind the wheel of a bulldozer are one of many signs of Egypt’s return to the Gaza Strip after years of absence.

by Guillaume Lovely and Adele Zanoun

(Egypt Israel Palestinian Conflict Diplomacy Aid Qatar UN, Report, 600 words – already circulated)

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Artisan footwear makers at risk from imports into Jordan

He came to be known as the “King of Shoes,” but after decades of making shoes for kings, queens and presidents, 90-year-old Jamil Kopti fears cheap imports are killing his craft.

knuckle lotus folding

(Jordan Costume Society Tradition, Focus, 700 words – already circulated)

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Al-Bab, Syria:

Terrible work of children in Syria in scrap metal or refineries

Mohammad Mazoom has forgotten his childhood at the age of just 15. Orphaned by the war in Syria, he had to drop out of school and work 12 hours a day in a junkyard to feed two younger brothers and a sister.


(Children of the Syrian Conflict, Report, 650 words – already circulated)

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— Asia

Barisal, Bangladesh:

Muslim bricklayer sculpts temples for Hindu dead in Bangladesh

Bangladesh’s Hindu minority has faced waves of violence and persecution, but one Muslim craftsman has dedicated his talents to honoring his dead so that they can travel to life in peace.

Shafikul Alam Por

(Bangladesh Dharma Samaj, Feature, 650 words – already circulated)

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— Africa


Many politicians detained after coup in Sudan

Sudanese authorities released several politicians detained after an October 25 military coup, one of the beneficiaries told AFP on Monday, a day after the signing of a deal between the military and replacement Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok.

(Sudan government demonstrates political coup armed forces, central note, 550 words – already transmitted)

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— Economy:

Sao Paulo:

Brazilian bank NuBanc conquers Wall Street with funk

With 48 million customers, a star, Anita, on the board of directors, and investment promotion, digital bank NuBank revolutionized the market in Brazil and is now valued at over $50,000 million at its premiere on Wall Street. wishes.

by Lujan Skrapnelik

(Economy Brazil Bank Stock Exchange USA, Focus, 800 words – already sent)



British Railways slow to electrify, despite its green commitments

Despite its environmental promises, the UK lags behind other European countries in electrifying its rail network, running largely on highly polluting diesel.

by Ben Perry

(GB Environmental Transport Energy, Focus, 500 words – already transmitted)

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— Society


Frida Kahlo, a passion that breaks records and lives on with unpublished images

Since her death in 1954, Mexican Frida Kahlo has become an artistic and feminist icon, the object of auction record and the attraction of a new documentary, presented this Wednesday in France with unpublished images .

by Jordi Zamora

(France Mexico Cinema Painting, Focus, 600 words – already broadcast)

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