22 November wheat price

U.S.A.22 November wheat price

for days without change Wheat, which was negotiated $23,550, remaining with the same values ​​with respect to the previous session.

Comparing this data with the previous days, he reversed the previous day‘s data, which ended with 0.21% being unable to establish a trend defined recently. The volatility of the last seven days is markedly lower than last year’s (24.14%) figure, so it has been behaving more stable than expected lately.

With regards to last week’s profitability, Wheat shows a decrease in 3,05%,

After this day it was at the lowest level of the previous week.

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international price of wheat

Extending the financial information of this asset internationally, the present value of Wheat it stands in chicago $570 per tonne as on 22 November latest data.

With regard to the future prices of this grain, its price during the current month reaches $310.77 Chicago and in. In $315.09 in the next month. Similarly wheat futures in Argentina are at 235 pesos in this month and 247.3 Looking forward to next month.

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