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28-year-old Guizhou boy wins 680 million lottery tickets, breaks record

In the final welfare lottery double color ball draw of the Year of the Rabbit, a total of 136 first prizes were awarded, of which a man from Guizhou won 133. Based on a single prize of more than 5.16 million yuan (RMB, equivalent below), the man received at least 680 million yuan. Miscellaneous (about $94.72 million). This is the 40th billion-yuan prize in Shuangseqiu’s history, a huge prize of 680 million, ranking first in the Chinese lottery market and the first in the history of Shuangseqiu’s 100-million-yuan prize.

According to widespread media reports, the winner, Mr. Duan (pseudonym), said that he is 28 years old and usually runs a small business. He received the news of winning the award on his mobile phone and was so excited that he could not sleep the whole night. He went straight to Guiyang in the morning to receive the award.

Source: YouTube

He said that at first he did not believe it, but he checked it several times. He was so happy that he couldn’t sleep, so he drove straight from Pingba to Guiyang. He based on the trend (studied), then chose some numbers, and then combined them based on his lucky number. He made purchases based on this number for some time, and shared it with his family during Chinese New Year.

Guizhou ProvincewelfareLottery center staff said the winner had collected all the prizes and bought 133 bets in two installments. According to the official website of China Welfare Lottery, the announcement of China Welfare Lottery Shuangseqiu draw on February 6 revealed that the first prize was “5.166908 yuan”, and there were a total of 136 winning bets. First prize winners: 2 bets from Zhejiang and 134 bets from Guizhou.

Furthermore, the 680 million bonus given by this lottery station set a record for the highest bonus in the Chinese lottery market. So far, the China lottery market has released a total of 7.3 billion yuan in prizes, including 680 million yuan for the first place this time. According to the official website of Guizhou Welfare Lottery, the lottery station also released the second prize for the double color ball on December 13, 2023.

Mr. Duan’s lottery ticket. (Taken from WeChat)



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