350,000 people in North Korea have fever and there have been deaths

The United States helped raise more than $3.1 billion in international commitments to fight the virus ahead of the second global summit on the coronavirus, according to senior White House officials.Associated Press

Senior White House official says U.S. in second global coronavirus outbreakEpidemicAhead of the summit, helped raise more than US$3.1 billion for the international fight against the pandemic. AnotherNorth KoreaThe new crown epidemic can be severe, with 350,000 people having symptoms of fever, and the first death from the new crown has been reported.

The United States, Belize, Germany, Indonesia and Senegal co-hosted the virtual summit on 12th to discuss measures to end the pandemic and prepare for potential future health threats.

The summit builds on the efforts and commitments made at the first summit last September, including helping more people get vaccinated, providingtraceand treatment, expanding protections for health care workers, and funding to contain outbreaks.

“The Summit has received over $3.1 billion in funding commitments to date, not counting funds raised for the rest of the year,” the official said. He did not disclose the source of the funding, but said Congress would have to approve more.

In addition, the North Korean Central News Agency reported on the 13th that at least one confirmed case of the new crown infection has died in North Korea, and hundreds of thousands more recently developed unexplained fever symptoms. This is the first confirmed outbreak in North Korea since the start of the new Crown pandemic, and the scale could be dire.

According to reports, since late April, symptoms of unexplained fever have been reported in various parts of North Korea, and 187,800 people are currently receiving isolation treatment.

The report also said that around 350,000 people developed symptoms of fever and 18,000 new cases were reported on 12th alone. About 162,200 of them have been treated so far, but the report does not specify how many people have tested positive for the new crown. At least six people have died of the fever, including a confirmed case of the Omicron type, the report said.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un declared a state of emergency at the highest level on 12th and ordered the country’s borders to be closed.

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