4.3 magnitude tremor shook Antioquia and country’s northwest

U.S.A.4.3 magnitude tremor shook Antioquia and country's northwest

They record an earthquake of magnitude 4.3 with an earthquake in Antioquia that shook the north-west of the country.

The quake was confirmed by the country’s Geological Survey Center after a publication on its Twitter account indicated that the tremors were felt at around 07:12 a.m. local time, with a magnitude of 4.3. Taraza – shallow depth (less than 30 km) in Antioquia.

Before this earthquake, there was a 4.2 magnitude earthquake shaking the population of Tarazza with the epicenter of Antioquia. According to the Colombian Geological Survey it was felt very intensely as it was superficial.

The 4.3 earthquake in Taraza Antioquia this Friday, November 26, 2021.
The 4.3 earthquake in Taraza Antioquia this Friday, November 26, 2021.

The two earthquakes were felt mainly in the lower Cacá of Antioquia, in Caceres, Valdivia and Anori, local media El Colombiano reported. Also in various municipalities of the metropolitan area as reported by SIATA (Early Warning System of Medellin and Abura Valley).

For its part, the Administrative Department of Risk Management of Antioquia indicated on their social networks that they are communicating with Antioquia’s risk management coordinators after the earthquake, whose center is in Tarazza. Those who don’t report at the moment.


Also, the Geological Survey of the country in the last hours Los Santos – A 3.2 earthquake with a depth of 146 km was recorded in the municipality of Santander. Who didn’t report.

Among other natural phenomena in the Department of Antioquia, which is one of the epicenters of winter in Colombia: Medellin, and the municipality of El Retiro were the scene of heavy rains that caused flooding and some damage to the Paisa region.

For example, in the south of the capital of Antioquia, electrical wiring caused severe damage, leaving hundreds of families out of power for a few hours. In addition, it caused congestion on city streets, causing traffic jams and mobility difficulties.

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In the particular El Poblado sector, in the vicinity of Efit University, in the direction between Carrera 48 to Carrera 34 and Calle 1 Sur to Calle 5 Sur, the Empresses Publicas de Medellin had to intervene to restore electricity service.

Other areas that were severely affected were Laurelles, Guayabal, Belén and the north-west of the city, for which the Administrative Department of Disaster Risk Management (DAGRD) had to be in place and act in response to the situation.

In fact, he urged the community to stay in closed establishments and avoid going out during rains to avoid possible emergencies due to the “high intensity” that accompanied winter in that region. However, no casualties have been reported.

For their part, citizens posted several photos and videos on social networks that depict the difficult meteorological conditions facing these regions. In fact, it was possible to flood warehouses, shopping centres, homes and elsewhere and ask people for help so that their establishments would not be affected.

The team of employees covering the Ministry of Environment is doing the recovery work. “We have identified critical points and together with the crew we are clearing channels of ravines that have nothing to do with the present problem,” said Luis Humberto Osa, Under Secretary for Renewable Natural Resources.

“This is a commitment with the whole of Commune 1 and we are attentive to continue these maintenance works in various tributaries to prevent the incidents that happened on Saturday”, Officer added.

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