Tuesday, August 2, 2022

4 Armed Robbers, 1 Wounded in Southern California Riverside Operation

Southern CaliforniaOn the morning of July 31, the owner of an octogenarian store in Norco City, Riverside County opened fire on four armed robbers who had entered the store to prepare for the robbery, injuring one robber. Police said three robbers have been taken into custody, the injured robbers are still in hospital for treatment and the shop owner was not injured.

The matter is at three o’clock in the morning of July 31. Four gangsters parked the car in front of a store in the number 800 block of Sixth Street in Narco city, waiting for an opportunity to snatch the car. The four were masked and dressed in hoodies and quietly approached the entrance of the store. Meanwhile, the shop owner saw that the situation was not good and shot the four miscreants with a gun. One of them had a hand injury. In surveillance video, police can hear the robber who was killed, “I was shot, I was shot in the arm!”

The four miscreants fled fast and rushed to the local hospital for the treatment of their accomplices. Police said the robber driving the vehicle was found at the entrance to the hospital, and three suspects were eventually arrested: Devon Anthony Broadus, 24, of Inglewood; Justin Kyle Johnson, 22, of Inglewood; and Las Vegas, 26. City resident Jamar Elijah Williams was arrested on suspicion of robbery. The injured suspect, whose identity has not been released by police, is still being treated in hospital. After the injury has healed, all four will be taken into custody at Robert Presley, Riversidethe prison,

The police have found a large number of stolen weapons in the vehicle being driven by the robbers. Surveillance video helped a lot in the investigation of the case. The video shows the owner of the old lady’s shop shooting at the robbers. Police said residents who legally possess guns in the community shot the robbers as a legitimate defense to prevent crime and ensure personal safety.

In further investigation of the case, the police also hope that anyone with knowledge of the case can provide further clues to the case. You can call the Juropa Valley Branch of the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department at 951-955-2600.


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