4 Players of Indonesian descent who gave the code to join the Garuda National Team

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JAKARTA – Plan Shin Tae-yong To naturalize players of Indonesian descent who are playing in Europe, they get the green light from Menpora Zainudin Amali. Some of the players on Shin Tae-yong’s roster even started to code.

The four players are Jordi Amat (a citizen of Spain), Sandy Walsh, Kevin Diks and Mess Hilgers. The last three names are Dutch citizens.

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All four are considered to have good playing qualities. They also have a body posture that is considered to be able to help the Indonesian national team in winning set pieces.

Sandy Walsh is the player who most often gives the code to join the Indonesian national team. The 26-year-old 1.85-meter right-back who also plays in the Belgian League for KV Mechelen has often given the code.

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1. Sandy Walsh

Sandy Walsh seems to really want to become an Indonesian citizen. When playing for Zulte Waregem in 2018, Walsh showed off shoes with red and white flag attributes.

Since then, Sandy Walsh has often expressed his interest in joining the Indonesian national team. He even once posted himself carrying the Red and White flag.

2. Jordi Amat

Jordi Amat, the player who is now defending the Belgian team, KAS Eupen is known to be quite friendly to supporters of the Indonesian national team. Jordi recently uploaded a photo with his grandmother from Makassar, South Sulawesi.

In his post, Jordi Amat also wrote an Indonesian caption, “Good evening from my grandma,” Jordi wrote.

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