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4 questions about what parents should do in the United States in a baby milk crisis

A mother breastfeeds her nine-month-old daughter in West Valley, Utah. (The Associated Press)

There is an acute shortage of infant formula milk powder across the country, and it seems likely that it will take several months to improve. However, at home the baby is waiting to be fed. How can parents deal with this formula milk supply crisis? expert advice:

1. What should I do if I am not getting normal formula milk?

Steven Abrams, a spokesman for the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), said parents should first call their pediatrician, who can help them find samples, give you a representative from the local formula manufacturer, or the charity that helps. Let’s get in touch with the local mother and child. Offices (Women, Infants and Children, WIC) can also help.

In addition, local parenting groups are a valuable resource; More and more local Facebook groups are emerging to help parents find the formula their kids love.

Most healthy children can safely turn to any FDA-approved (FDA)FDA) approved infant formula, parents can find qualified formulas from reputable distributors or pharmacy shelves or official websites. The AAP warns against buying formula from auction sites or from overseas purchases that are not regulated by the FDA.

“If the baby is healthy and her gastrointestinal tract is functioning, it’s usually easy to switch between ‘standard’ infant formula,” said Christopher Duggan, director of Boston Children’s Hospital’s Nutrition Center.

Dale C. Dale Lee, director of clinical nutrition medicine at Seattle Children’s Hospital, explains, “There areAllergiesOr for babies who need special formulas, the use of options can be complicated, especially when formulas containing broken proteins or amino acids are used in special circumstances and should be replaced with care. ,

There is a serious shortage of infant formula milk powder in the United States.  Some enthusiastic mothers actively donate their breast milk to the Breast Milk Bank in hopes of solving the problem...
There is a serious shortage of infant formula milk powder in the United States, and some enthusiastic mothers actively donate their breast milk to breast milk banks in the hopes of meeting their immediate needs. The photo shows the head of a breast milk bank in Colorado bottling bags of breast milk. (The Associated Press)

2. Safest Way to Switch Formula Milk Powder?

If the baby has no special dietary needs, and the parent cannot find normal formula milk, they may look for substitutes in the same range.” The main groups are:milkFormula-based, soy-based formulas, and then ‘sensitive’ varieties. “I can’t really find any substitutes in the same category, and switching from milk formula to soy formula (or vice versa) is fine as long as there is no underlying allergy.

If original formula is used, it can be changed immediately, but please be aware that this can cause gastrointestinal problems (such as gas, bowel changes or irritability) in the baby. Duggan recommends incremental replacement, “start by mixing 25% of the new formula with the original 75% for a day, then 50% of each for a day or two, then the new 75% and the original 25% incrementally.” from.”

3. Effects of Not Getting Enough Formula for Babies

This is the biggest fear of many parents right now. Breast milk or formula is a source of nutrition for infants who face significant short-term and long-term health risks without the help of vitamins and other nutrients necessary for tissue function and organ development.

Experts recommend weaning off infant formula for a while as well. Because doing so reduces the amount of nutrients the baby receives, it can disrupt electrolyte and mineral balance and lead to potentially serious complications, such as seizures.

4. How Much Formula Should I Keep at Home?

The AAP recommends that the supply of formula to parents should not exceed ten days to two weeks, given the current shortage. All FDA-approved formulas have an expiration date; After this, the ingredients start to deteriorate and it will be impossible to ensure that your baby is getting the nutrients they need.

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