“401k turned into 301k” … the stock market fell and pensions lost 10% Expert: Don’t watch it yet

The stock market fell, and people saw their retirement savings drop in value drastically, with losses of more than 10%. (The Associated Press)

The US stock market has plummeted, and the market value has evaporated to $7 trillion on the 11th, causing some to worry about their 401k.pensionSavingsaccount holdingstoreWith the benefits that can be obtained, many have joked that their 401k account has now shrunk to a “301k.”

The Daily Mail reported that most retirement accounts, such as 401k and IRA, invest their withdrawals in a combination of stocks and bonds to generate income; Now that the stock market has plummeted, people are noticing that the value of their retirement savings has dropped dramatically. , many people have lost up to 10% this year.

With the stock market turmoil, many took to social media and Twitter to complain, with some saying, “My 401k is now 301k”; “Basically haven’t looked at my 401k in a long time, just went to see it, hope you all get better,” replied Major League Baseball (MLB) research expert Ryan Spader jokingly. tweeted, who makes a living as a podcaster, “Before you log into your 401k account, it’s time to sound the app alarm and ask, ‘Are you sure you want to log into your 401k account?’ , bus.”

According to the Investment Company Institute, approximately 60 million people have 401k accounts and have about $7.3 trillion in assets; All retirement savings accounts nationwide, including IRAs and employer-funded contributions, were valued at $37 trillion last summer. 200 billion yuan.

But financial experts say those who haven’t been in the workplace for long and are decades away from retiring really needn’t panic; Craig Ferrantino, wealth manager at Craig James Financial, believes that buying and holding will work in the long run. If you think you’re uncomfortable right now, don’t watch it.

For many young people who have never experienced a stock market crash in their lifetime, their pension savings account has fallen by more than 10%, which sounds troubling; But financial news channel CNBC has historically reported that even though the stock market has fallen higher. Fierce, 20% to 40%, and lasted only about 14 months, the S&P 500 index has risen three out of every four years.

Experts pointed out that for people 45 or younger, the effects of the current stock market turmoil will wear off in ten years, and the success rate of maintaining existing retirement plans is very high; Only for those who are older and on the verge of retirement, the current phenomenon of both the stock market and the bond market is more worrying, and it will also force them to evaluate whether to retire later or not.

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