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49-year-old Xu Jinglei dressed like this and was reminded, “I’m going to tell you that you are pregnant again.” He replied: Whatever

49 year old Chinese actress Xu Jinglei was recently seenweiboAfter posting recent photos, including a photo of her wearing multiple outfits, netizens reminded her that she would be “reported as pregnant” by interested people. He happily replied: “Whatever.”

Xu Jinglei posted a photo of her try-on with the caption: “I found the retro dress I’ve always wanted to buy in a second-hand store.” She also said in the comment area: “Hey, I bought it all.It’s too cheap, so I’m greedy.”

Some netizens suggested: “Sister Xu, don’t dress like this. Many people will probably say that you are pregnant.” Xu Jinglei also said calmly: “Hahahahaha, I can only take it casually.”

Xu Jinglei has been in a relationship with Taiwan’s hit song king Huang Lixing for more than ten years. She once revealed that she had frozen her eggs in the United States and wanted to prepare “the only regret medicine in the world” for herself, and was not opposed to finding a surrogate mother.

In May last year, news broke that Xu Jinglei had given birth to a daughter. At that time, Xu Jinglei’s agency immediately issued a statement to refute the rumors and called on netizens to “not spread rumors, not believe rumors.” And don’t spread rumours.”

Xu Jinglei. (Taken from Weibo)



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