5 important points to keep in mind before going to bed to develop angel muscles

There are a few things to keep in mind before sleeping. by picture / pixel

Many people know that the maintenance is the best time before going to bed, but to talk about exactly what points, many people can only think of the need to adjust according to the skin type. Since everyone is going out during the day, they are contaminated with dust, makeup and oil secretions on the skin.AllergiesBacteria, etc., cause dandruff to block the pores. If these blockages are not dealt with, they will soon become a skin problem, which also means maintenance is more important before bedtime.

Key points 1, the water temperature is appropriate, the strength is appropriate, and the timing is right

Cleaning is the first step of maintenance, and it also relatively affects the absorption of subsequent maintenance products, so it is especially important. Many people will think that the high temperature of the water can completely open the pores, and then uselow temperatureof cold water to close the pores. But this will make the skin more irritated and aging. The right thing to do is to keep the water temperature the same as your body temperature. But if it’s oily skin, it can be increased by about 2 to 3 degrees to increase the fluidity of the oil.

Don’t wash your face too hard, as this irritates the skin and throws the skin’s protective barrier out of balance, which can lead to sensitive skin. Lastly, try to limit the cleaning time to about a minute. After all, you must have used makeup remover products a while back. Facial cleanser only washes the skin on a shallow layer, and it doesn’t have much effect if it is too long.

Second, the frequency of the mask should be appropriate, and the time should not be too long

Many maintenance articles recommend emergency skin protection by applying a mask. However, in order to maximize the benefits of the mask, many girls apply the mask until it is completely dry, which not only moisturizes, but also undermines the health of the skin.

If you apply the mask every day, the sebum of the facial skin may be destroyed, and instead of moisturizing, the moisturizing ability will be reduced, resulting in dry face. On the other hand, if the mask is dried by applying it on the mask, then the mask will absorb the moisture of the face, due to which the breathing of the skin will be affected for a long time and the pores can also be closed. When applying a mask, please read the instructions above first, usually about 15 minutes, up to 20 minutes for a hydrating mask, and 3 to 5 minutes for a mineral mud.

Be careful while wearing the mask.  by picture / pixel
Be careful while wearing the mask. by picture / pixel

Key point 3, don’t try too hard while applying eye cream

When applying skin care products, the most important moment is to apply skin care products with massage techniques on the face, so that the skin can fully absorb and nourish. The skin around the eyes is the most vulnerable. If you use too much force, it will not only be bad for your eyes, but can also stretch the skin around the eyes and cause fine lines. Huh.

Do not apply too much eye cream.  by picture / pixel
Do not apply too much eye cream. by picture / pixel

Key Four, The Amount Of Lotion Can Be

After applying the skin to the face, many people have basic moisturizing common sense, covering the lotion to lock in the moisture of the skin, so that the skin can be fully nourished. However, applying too much lotion can add to the burden on the skin. It is advisable to apply lotion to avoid stickiness.

Night care, lotion should be appropriate.  by picture / pixel
Night care, lotion should be appropriate. by picture / pixel

Key Five, Bedtime Rule

In addition to external smearing and maintenance, internal maintenance is really the key to skin health. Bedtime is fixed, and bedtime can also be used to repair skin, so it’s more important to develop good sleep habits than to buy expensive skin care products.

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