5-Second rule: Hesitation to take the fallen food..? Here is the answer to your doubt..! , What is the second rule: is it safe to eat food off the floor?

Health5-Second rule: Hesitation to take the fallen food..? ...

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What is the 5-Second Rule: This doubt comes in everyone’s mind. Can I take perishable food..? Or ..? How long can it take..? How safe is it to take..? Can bacteria become infected if taken quickly? What is in Five Second Theory? We do not have many such questions. Many people come. For example.. Imagine you have a pack of pizza in your hand, but no chips, the last piece of popcorn. What if you slip out of your hand and fall to the ground while eating a delicious thing? What do you do? eat it or throw it away?

Do you think like everyone else.. If you’re like everyone else, you can choose the “5-second rule”. You examine the piece carefully. If it’s less than 5 seconds on the floor you want to take it. Truth be told, we all resort to the “5 second rule” when we’re in such a difficult situation. Well, the question is, is it safe to eat food off the floor? Now this is our question..

According to this famous theory, if food is eaten from the earth within 5 seconds, then it does not become contaminated! Food is not safe..! It is a common belief that within this time frame the germs .. without sticking to the food .. are absolutely safe for consumption.

Is the food safe?

It must be said that this is not a simple answer to the question. Food that falls on impure soil can absorb even a small amount of bacteria for 1 second. There is a risk of diarrhea and food poisoning by eating them. Also, there is no way to find out what kind of bacteria are on the surface. You cannot tell how many people ran out of place despite the floor being clean. Kitchen counter.. sinks are also not as clean as you think. They are home to a wide variety of bacteria.

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Most studies show that it’s dirtier than your trash can. Also.. there are no scientific studies to support the 5 second rule. So you have to think twice before believing.

Who should be more careful?

In the current era when we are battling COVID-19, eating food taken from the ground has become even more dangerous. Coronavirus is a highly contagious disease that spreads from person to person by inhaling contaminated aerosol particles. Apart from this, many other germs can also be present on the floor we walk on. Microbial bacteria may not be harmful to everyone, but there is a chance that some may pose a greater threat.

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