Saturday, November 26, 2022

62-year-old Zhong Chuhong will never do plastic surgery to show his real condition in recent photos

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Hong Kong star Chung Chu Hong (Hong Gu) is a sexy goddess of the generation. Although she has been out of the scene for many years, she is beautiful and graceful. At the age of 62, he has been well maintained and is still in excellent condition. She is jealous of the outside world. Recently, she went to Paris, France for a vacation. Posting a beautiful recent photo, I noticed she posted a photo with bright flowers, and wrote “The Sun of Paris” in the text. Although wearing sunglasses, it is still difficult to hide her exquisite beauty and elegance. The skin is smooth and no blemishes can be seen. Said that the years left no mark on his body.

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Netizens have praised “beautiful”, “beauties are beautiful no matter how they are photographed”, “people are more beautiful than flowers”, “skin is very good”, and “timeless beauty”. Zhong Chuhong also generously exposed the wrinkles on her face, and she was naturally ready to age. In fact, she was asked if she has considered doing medical beauty? But she replied that “people always have to grow old”, thinking that only by staying true to yourself can you live happily ever after. He also shared that the secret to aging well is paying attention to diet, daily routine, and regular exercise to maintain a cheerful mood.

62-year-old Zhong Chuhong maintains her beauty and perfect body according to her age. (courtesy of weibo)

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