70% of companies in Colombia find it difficult to fill jobs, we tell you why

U.S.A.70% of companies in Colombia find it difficult to...

file photo. People line up to apply for a job search on May 31, 2019 in Bogota, Colombia. Reuters / Luisa Gonzalez

According to information submitted by the national government on development in recent months, economic reactivation in Colombia is on the right track, even as the Danes recently reported that 75% of vacancies lost in the pandemic have already been recovered . ,

Despite the fact that past data shows great progress, it is important to mention that in terms of employment, the country still faces some significant challenges both in terms of guarantees for workers and the profiling and preparation of applicants. So to this day it is estimated that still 461,000 more people are unemployed.

“It is still necessary to generate a level of economic activity that allows these 461,000 more unemployed people to correct what we are seeing in September 2021 compared to September 2019., he pointed Juan Daniel Oviedo, Director of the Statistical Unit.

Most Recent Survey of Employment Prospects Manpowergroup Q3 2021, clarified that 70% of companies in Colombia have difficulty filling jobs. In the analysis of the results, it was concluded that these difficulties lie both in the characteristics of the applicants and in the processes carried out by HR departments.

With regard to the profile currently being sought in the country, it should be kept in mind that companies are interested in their employees to be responsible, reliable and disciplined as well as flexible and stress-tolerant, with collaborative and teamwork skills and empathy .

,Today, we know that real man power lies in the right combination of human skills and professional skills. The former is more difficult to teach than the latter, which is why working on the development of capabilities that the market demands creates the potential for remaining employable growth substantially”, said ManpowerGroup Colombia for Portal Portfolio. President Xavier Echevery Hincapie expressed.

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On the other hand, and what is less talked about are the mistakes recruiters can make in the processes, so the document pointed to the four most common, mentioned in the first place. Prejudices that can happen in the HR sectorThese are usually related to resumes, that is, this first filter may suit some applicants quite a bit, but without realizing that it can dismiss profiles that are solely looking for companies. Huh. So it is suggested that this is not the only filter at first.

The second thing that is different is that don’t get help with the test, At this point, ManpowerGroup detailed that based not only on interviews or knowledge tests, but also on cognitive skills and emotional intelligence (creativity, confidence and problem solving).

The other two are directly related to the use of new technologies, the document reads: “Eliminating these manual processes allows talent areas to focus on strategic tasks”, Therefore they suggest to look for programs or resources for better organization of information and data analysis. Non-inclusion of technology in personnel selection processes will create a vicious circle for companies and affect their growth potential.

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