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A 50-year-old man ate hot pot soup three times a week and drank it as water. He returned home with back pain and hematuria.

A man around 50 years old in Taiwan, surnamed Wang, recently ate hot pot three times a week because of the cold weather and liked to drink hot pot soup base. As a result, he recently felt severe pain on the right side of his waist and “blood and urine came out” when he went to the toilet. He went to the doctor and was diagnosed with uric acid crystals in his urine and a 0.8 cm stone at the end of his right ureter. His kidneys had failed to store water. Ultrasound revealed that there were stones in both kidneys, due to which he was suffering from back pain and hematuria. He had to undergo lithotripsy through ureteroscopy. And symptoms improved with placement of a ureteral catheter.

Zhou Gu, chief physician of the department of urology at Shutian Clinic, said the man had a “history of gout”, had been treated for kidney stones, and currently had diabetes,high blood pressureFor chronic diseases, he was first warned in Gao Pulin that he should eat less hot pot, but when the weather became cold, he became addicted to hot pot. He ate it 2 to 3 times a week and kept drinking hot pot. Soup base. Then the problem of stones emerged again.

Not only was the man surnamed Wang suffering from gallstones due to his habit of eating hot dishes in cold weather, but another 47-year-old man surnamed Chen was also a patient of arthritis. Recently, he was suffering from lower back pain, lower abdominal discomfort. , frequent urination, urgent urination and other symptoms. When asked about it, he went to the doctor and found that he had also eaten hot pots and pieces of meat during the cold season. Examination found that he had a slight blood reaction in his urine, a 1.1 cm stone in his left ureter, and hydronephrosis in his left kidney and multiple stones in his kidneys. Stone.

Zhou Gu said that a variety of vegetables and meat would be cooked in the hot pot. When leafy vegetables are cooked in a hot pot, the oxalic acid will dissolve into the soup. Oxalic acid will burden the kidneys, so it is easy to affect body metabolism and enhance human body formation. “Calcium oxalate” increases the risk of stones; Most hot pot soup bases are boiled with large bones. At this time, boiled meat pieces and seafood are added, and the “purine” concentration in the hot pot soup base will increase greatly. People often adopt high purine diets. ,JointThere is a risk of having stones, which can cause arthritis.

Zhou Gu said, “Gout is very painful. Stones usually form in the kidney or bladder. The ureter connects the kidney and the bladder. The ureter is an extremely short passage. When a stone falls into the ureter, serious complications can occur. Pain such as low back pain and kidney pain are also caused by persistent obstruction of the ureter, resulting in symptoms such as hematuria, frequent urination, and urgent urination. If not treated immediately, two Blockage of the ureters lasting more than a week can cause “permanent” damage to the kidneys.

To improve ureteral stones or kidney stones, Zhou Gu said that medicines and drinking more water can help eliminate them. Some stones can be broken up by extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy and then discharged. When a stone causes obstruction or severe pain, a ureteroscope may be used to crush or remove the stone, and a ureteral catheter may be left in place to keep the ureter open and allow the stone to pass. . If kidney stones are found, flexible ureteroscopy may be used to remove them all together.

Zhou Gu reminded that drinking more water is the most effective way to prevent all stones. You can pay attention to the amount and color of your urine. If the color becomes darker, you should refill the water. If the color turns light yellow, it means you have enough water. If you have a history of gout, be careful to avoid high-rich foods such as red meat, seafood, beans, etc., and regularly monitor and control uric acid.

Zhou Gu, chief physician of the Department of Urology at Shutian Clinic, reminded that drinking more water is the best way to avoid stones in the body. (Photo/Provided by Shutian Clinic)



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