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A day after questions leaked on the first day of a New York City police officer’s exam test, Chinese police rebuked injustice

Never held since 2017New York CityThe Police Officer Promotion Exam was held on 3rd and 4th at the Jacob Javits Center in Manhattan. However, because more than 10,000 people took the exam, officials said that the computer-based test could not be loaded, so it was divided into only. Two days the exam questions on the second day were not only the same as on the first day, but also leaked;SugarThe police officer said most of them were assigned for the first day, waited for several years, and studied behind closed doors for eight months. Now they have lost to the cheaters, and have no hope of promotion.

The pre-police rank promotion test will be completed within one day as per city police rules, only certain soldiers, pregnant, religious-related and special workers, who may choose another day, no exceptions;EpidemicIn the turmoil, the police officer exam is particularly popular as the first promotion path for ordinary police officers.

It has been reported that the number of people who signed up for the exam this year is huge, with 6,000 people appearing on both the days. People familiar with the matter said that after the first day of the exam, some people took the exam. circulated questions and answers. In the working group, and then it spread faster and faster, and the content changed as well. more and more abundant.

A Chinese police officer who took the exam on the first day said everyone knows how difficult it is to get promoted after the pandemic. Also, the police officer hasn’t been tested for five years, so in the last eight months, “Except for work, I go home. Study hard, don’t dare to rest all day.” This is because If you can get one more score in the exam, you will be expected to be promoted the day before.

City police will rank officers for promotion based on their test scores, and those with scores less than 70 will not be recorded. The minimum wage a police officer can be promoted to is 96,017 yuan, which is about 10,000 yuan more than one’s salary. Ordinary police officer after five and a half years of work.

What is even more outrageous is that most Chinese police officers were assigned on the first day. According to a statement made by the citywide Administrative Services Department (DCAS), the tests were assigned at random on which day.

“No one wants to associate it with ethnicity.” The referenced Chinese police officer said, but if you go to the scene and see it in person, you will know that it is not accidental, and those who are diligent in reading will also have it. The idea, “No one thinks it’s a fair competition, even if it’s a systematic test.”

Another test-preparation service, The Key, told test-takers that DCAS “provided inaccurate, disorganized and inconsistent test material, giving some test takers an unfair advantage.”

However, the DCAS stated that the two-day police exam used different questions – “New York City has zero tolerance for cheating on the civil service exam, allegations of cheating will be thoroughly investigated, and abusers will be punished.” will be held accountable; conduct could lead to dismissal or prosecution,” said a spokesperson.

Chinese police officers are shocked by the leak on WeChat. (Provided by Insider)

Questions and answers are organized and posted in group chats and social media.  (Provided by Insider)
Questions and answers are organized and posted in group chats and social media. (Provided by Insider)


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