A European court condemns Turkey for the detention of judges after a failed 2016 coup

WorldA European court condemns Turkey for the detention of...

  • Ankara must pay 5,000 euros to each magistrate for moral damage

NS European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) condemned this Tuesday Turkey to pronounce judgment Preventive detention for 427 judges after trying to coup From July From 2016, in which army force they tried to slump down Ali Government in Recep Tayyip erdogan, Unanimously, the magistrates of the Pan-European Court held that Ankara violated the “right to freedom” guaranteed by the European Convention on Human Rights.

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According to the Strasbourg-based court, more than 400 judges, who experimented in various courts, such as the Cassation Court, were detained for them. Membership of alleged “pro-Fetullah terrorist organization”“(FETO), the criminal gang accused of plotting the coup. Similarly, the ECHR sentenced Ankara pay 5,000 euros to each of these magistrates By moral damage.

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After the coup attempt on 15 July 2016, Turkish authorities launched an unprecedented purge against suspected FETO supporter, the black beast of President Erdogan. The lynchings also reached Kurdish opponents, the military, intellectuals or journalists, and in total thousands of people were arrested. court of Strasbourg, practically the highest judicial authority for the guarantee of human rights throughout Europe, since Turkey condemned On several occasions because of such wallets in recent months.

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