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A jump in the share price of Apple’s U.S. The stock bull has got a boost

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For those trying to assess whether the U.S. The stock market continues its uptrendinvestfrom a human point of view, recently strengthenedAppleshare priceExciting maybe.


Apple, the world’s most valuable company, is the most heavily weighted stock in the S&P 500, and it’s also key to whether the U.S. Shares may continue to rise. Apple stock has outperformed the S&P 500 for nine consecutive weeks and has also driven the tech-heavy Nasdaq 100 index, which is up 22% since its swing low in June.

Kolas, co-founder of research firm Datatrack, said Apple is the main stock in the headlines and can determine the direction of investments, so Apple’s recent share price performance is very encouraging for investors.

Despite a rebound on US stocks since June, the S&P 500 is still down 10% this year. Apple’s stock price is expected to remain positive throughout the year after falling sharply with technology stocks in the first half of the year. During the two bull markets following the 2008 financial tsunami, Apple outperformed the broader market.

Investors snapped shares of Apple on the condition that the iPhone maker’s strong balance sheet will continue to reward shareholders and stave off recession fears to reap big profits from more than 1 billion users.

Morgan, senior portfolio manager at Synovus Trust, said Apple’s stock is a safe haven amid market uncertainty.

However, Apple shares and the broader US stock market are also facing several headwinds, including pressure on consumers from inflation and the impact on Apple’s supply chain due to a strict zero-pandemic policy in mainland China. Although it is rumored that Apple has asked suppliers to maintain the same pace as last year in iPhone production, some suppliers have warned of a corresponding slowdown in demand.

The rise in Apple’s share price has also pushed its price back into expensive territory, with Apple now trading at 27 times projected earnings for the next 12 months, up an average of 17 times over the past decade.



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