A year after his death, Maradona lives on in the soul of the football world

U.S.A.A year after his death, Maradona lives on in...

Soccer Planet, Without Borders, paid tribute to Argentina’s Diego Maradona, the ideal ball artist of all time, on Thursday, the one-year anniversary of his death, at the age of 60 when he fell ill.

Fans, football players, coaches, clubs and celebrities from all over the world wake up to this talent. The player, dedicated to his talent and personality, lives on in the collective memory to this day. They pay tribute to his sporting exploits, although his personal life still raises doubts.

On the courts of Argentina, players line up to make their coveted jersey 10. Fans loudly sing the famous cry of love: “Marado, Marado!”

Consistent with another memory, intimate and mournful, his daughters and sons Dalma, Giannina, Diego Jr., Jana and Diego Fernando, his sisters and brothers, live with retirement.

“The world has been more terrible for a year,” wrote Dalma, the eldest of the daughters of his marriage to Claudia Villafane, on the network.

On November 25, 2020, the worst nightmare occurred: His massive heart and his lungs shut down. It was the history of a predicted death that no one wanted to believe.

According to expert reports, “abandoned to his fate”, he died in solitude and agony. There are seven medical professionals charged with malpractice murder. His legacy is the cause of another judicial mess.

It was time to enter the Olympus of Argentine myths with tragic deaths: Evita Perón, Che Guevara and Carlos Gardel (wherever he was born). A year ago, crowds broke the rules of the pandemic and took to the streets for funerals.

Pele, who accompanied him to the Olympus of world football, remembered him with gratitude on the network: “A year without Diego. Friends forever.”

– Messi blessed –

In 2006 he named the heir; “I know the player who will replace me, his name is Lionel Messi.”

‘La Pulga’ honored him. While scoring the goal, he kissed in the sky with both hands. After winning the Copa America-2021 against Brazil in Maracan, he again looked to the skies and said: “Of course he (supported) us wherever he went.”

Videos of Maradona are making a splash on the screen. After a poetic dribbling journey, he scores the best goal in World Cup history for England (2–1) in Mexico–1986.

And that first target with a net that was as ironic as “the hand of God”. Goals of all colors in the national team at Boca Juniors, Barcelona, ​​SCC Napoli, Sevilla and Newells youth champions in Tokyo–1979.

A song popularized by his friend Rodrigo says: “In a pasture he made an immortal left-hander.” This is a hymn to his origins in a shack in a southern suburb.

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In a humble childhood home, with a dirt courtyard, bouquets of flowers pile up. “You gave us heaven,” reads a sign painted by spontaneous people.

“He was the voice of the people. We will remember him and love him for the rest of our lives,” a fan, Jose María Fernandez, 45, told AFP. He came alone and cried in front of the house.

On one wall of the cemetery where his grave lies, in Bella Vista, another suburb, he painted a giant mural that says: “Here rests the D10S.” Fans dared rain to pay tribute to him.

“Diego was the god of football,” George, one of the fans, told AFP.

– Unlimited –

Rodrigo sings: “In order to never sell himself, he had to face power.” Maradona’s political face was explosive. He led a massive march against former US President George W. Bush. He has dubbed several FIFA presidents “gangsters”.

It was like a rockstar. At other World Championships he was put to death (Spain–1982 and Italy–1990) and suspended for doping (ephedrine) (USA–1994).

But he struggled for years with his cocaine addiction, which left him on the verge of death in 2000 at the Uruguay resort of Punta del Este.

Cuban Mavis lvarez, who had an emotional affair with a former football player when she was a minor, told Argentine courts that she had been abused and abused.

– Sharks in the pool –

It was all from a movie. Since playing head games with friends Brazilian Pele on TV. Or interview former world boxing champion Mike Tyson or former Cuban leader Fidel Castro.

Naples at its peak in passion and madness. SCC Napoli won two scudetos and one international title, the UEFA Cup, for the first and only time.

Two of his statues have been installed in the now famous Diego Maradona Stadium.

This Thursday the President of Naples, Aurelio De Laurentiis, paid tribute to him at ‘Quartieri Spagnoli,’ the humble neighborhood converted into Diego’s mausoleum. There was also a delegation of Boca Juniors fans from Argentina, who traveled specifically for the anniversary, the newspaper Il Matino confirmed.

Strong feelings are experienced at his last club as DT, Gymnasia La Plata. The gymnasts say their arrival was “a terrible revolution”.

No one defined him better than his personal trainer Fernando Signorini: “Diego was a man with whom I could share my whole life, but not a minute with Maradona, because of everything that emanated from him.” It was unbearable, it was like being in a pool with a shark”.


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