A young pro-democracy activist found guilty of “segregation” in Hong Kong

WorldA young pro-democracy activist found guilty of "segregation" in...

  • In early November, he pleaded guilty to “segregation” and “money laundering”, while provocatively declaring that “he himself had nothing to blame”.

a youth worker Democracy From hong kong He was sentenced to three and a half years in prison on Tuesday after being convicted.migration“Under the stringent national security law.

Tony ChungThe 20-year-old is the youngest ever worker under this law imposed by Beijing in June 2020, and which allows muzzle Any dissent in this financial center, which was previously considered a privileged place of freedom of expression.

In early November he pleaded guilty to the charge of “migration“and another”White money, “provocatively declaring” that he had nothing damn yourselfTony Chung was the head of Student Locality, a student union founded in 2016 and calling for Hong Kong independence.

National Security

Beijing imposed this national security law to end the vast and often violent demonstrations Which shook the city in 2019. Student localism was dissolved just hours after it was implemented.

The officials accused Chung of continuing to run the association with the help of foreign extremists and requested donations through PayPal, which, according to them, constitutes money laundering.

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Prosecutors said the association had published more than 1,000 messages on the social network requesting, among other things, that “will put an end to colonial rule The communists form the Chinese “and” the Republic of Hong Kong.

‘criminal Intent

Some of the messages cited by prosecutors a. are from before last period The National Security Act came into force, despite the fact that Hong Kong authorities said it would not be retroactive.

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On Tuesday, Stanley Cha, one of judges chosen by Government In order to try national security cases, he claimed that Chung’s criminal intent was “obvious to all”, both on social media, in interviews, in street stalls and in schools.

The young terrorist has already been in custody for more than a year after being arrested by plainclothes police officers in late October 2020, a few meters from the United States consulate, where he wanted to request asylum. has kept.

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