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Aaron Kwok’s 99 Roses Celebrates His Wife’s Birthday “2 Years Away From Her Mother-in-law” Is Rare In A Single Frame

Hong KongAaron Kwok married his 22-year-old Chinese internet celebrity wife Fang Yuan in 2017. He has 2 daughters. The family of four lives with their mother-in-law at Aaron Kwok’s “Jiayuan” mansion in Tai Hang Road, Hong Kong. His beloved wife recently turned 35. Aaron Kwok Presents 99 Roses to Celebrate His Wife’s Birthday , and then Fang Yuan also reposted the cute “full of happiness, thanks husband”, the couple is also head-to-head photos, and it is said that the mother-in-law who is only 2 or 3 years apart from Aaron Kwok in the same frame. I rarely appear.

Aaron Kwok (left) celebrates his wife Fang Yuan (middle) on her birthday, a rare photo of a family of six in a single frame. (courtesy from weibo)

It is reported that Aaron Kwok bought the top floor in 2001 with NT$100 million, and then spent 18.99 million to open 3 houses with open-air balconies, and lived with his wife and daughter on the entire top floor. Were. Due to recent renovations, Aaron Kwok bought a lower floor with his mother-in-law.

Aaron Kwok and Fang Yuan have been married for 5 years and have 2 daughters.communityA flash over the top, Now celebrating the birthday of his beloved wife, netizens praised that although flowers and birthday cakes seem simple, but for Aaron Kwok, who is busy with work, he is especially caring.

Fang Yuan is 35 years old.  (courtesy from weibo)
Fang Yuan is 35 years old. (courtesy from weibo)


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