Saturday, August 6, 2022

Abe’s murder suspect ignored by police for 10 seconds before shooting approached

JapanAccording to Kyodo News, the former prime minister’s investigationabeA source close to the Jinson shooting revealed that the suspect, Toru Yamagami, crossed the street from the opposite alley, walked toward Abe, and then opened fire. This process lasted about 10 seconds, and no one at the scene noticed the abnormality.

Not only this, after the first shot on the mountain, four officers in charge of securitypoliceNo gunshots were heard. The investigation report said that “the firing looked like fireworks.”

Abe gave a speech on the 8th of last month on the streets of Nara City, Nara Prefecture. When he was campaigning for a Senate candidate, a 41-year-old man on the mountain shot him from behind. He was sent to the hospital and died at the age of 67. Shan Shang confessed that the motive for the case was dissatisfaction with his mother’s addiction to religion.


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