Thursday, August 4, 2022

Abortion ban, Texas judge changed clinics in a week, High Court restored

TexasThe decision of the lower court, the Supreme Court canceled the protection of womenabortionFollowing the jurisprudence of authority, Texas abortion clinics are permitted to continue with the relevant medical practices; The Texas Supreme Court ordered the lower court’s decision to be blocked; Abortion regulations vary across the United States, and it is difficult for medical staff and patients to deal with changing circumstances at any time.

It’s not clear whether Texas abortion clinics moved after lower court ruling, AP reportsOperationTexas will hold a public hearing later this month.

Texas abortion clinics refused to admit patients, rescheduled appointments and are now being cancelled, all in just a week.

Houston ordered 28 last month to allow some clinics to temporarily resume abortion care within six weeks; The court has temporarily stayed the implementation of the above decree.

“These laws are misleading, unnecessary and cruel,” said Center for Reproductive Rights attorney Mark Herron after the court’s order on Tuesday.

Texas abortion clinics temporarily suspended abortion after the Supreme Court dismissed the 1973 case of Roe v. Wade, which guaranteed women’s rights to abortion.

In Florida, a law banning abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy went into effect on the first date, but a judge said the rule violated the state’s constitution and said he would stop the law’s implementation next week. Will sign a provisional order.

As the city of Denton, Texas discussed a “triggered law” that would ban abortion, anti-abortion and pro-abortion crowds were shouting out, and police were to be dispatched to maintain order. (Reuters)

In Kentucky, where abortion rights were returned within days, a triggering law that imposed an almost statewide abortion ban on July 1, the Supreme Court reversed the row, but on June 30 a judge blocked it. proposed. The law means only two abortion clinics in the state can temporarily reopen.

Many legal tussles will affect pregnant women and abortion clinics seeking abortions in the near future, and women who can and do travel outside of states that do not ban abortions have few options.

Planned Parenthood, a Montana-based group based in Minnesota, Iowa and Nebra, base patients in California who need the oral abortion pill instead of surgery.

Daniel Grossman, director of UCSG Advancing New Standards on the Reproductive Health Research Team in San Francisco, said, “Abortion clinics are confused, concerned about risk, and they are trying to reduce the legal burden of providing care to people who are not at risk.” Huh.” needy people.”


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