Abortion is already active in the Georgia Senate race

RNC spokeswoman Garrison Douglas called the senator’s vote “disgusting”, saying “today’s vote for Rafael Warnock reflects how much he supports Joe Biden and Chuck’s. Schumer’s radical agenda.”

Anti-abortion group Susan B. Anthony List also released a statement attacking the senator, calling her a “terrorist.”

“Our field teams are interviewing thousands of Georgia voters to make them aware of Warnock’s record and to make him accountable on election night,” Group President Marjorie Danenfelser said in a statement.

From his first campaign, Mr Warnock expressed his support for abortion, believing that abortion was a decision for mothers and doctors. Conservatives in Georgia and elsewhere have condemned his stance, saying he does not support abortion and that Ebenezer is a religious leader who serves as senior pastor of the Baptist Church. In 2020, more than two dozen church leaders in the state, mostly blacks, issued public statements condemning their position and calling for reconsideration.

Senate Republican front-runner Herschel Walker, a former Georgia football star, has taken an anti-abortion stance, believing abortion procedures are illegal even in the case of rape or extramarital affairs. In his poll for the anti-abortion group Georgia Life Coalition, he said he would vote for “any law that preserves the sanctity of human life, even if it is not perfect.”

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