About her relationship with Mario Irivaren and Vania Bludeau: “She’s an independent and empowered woman”

U.S.A.About her relationship with Mario Irivaren and Vania Bludeau:...

Mario Irivaren qualified Vania Bludeau as an empowered woman. (Photo: Instagram)

mario irivaren And Vania Bludeau He has expressed on several occasions that they have a beautiful friendship more than a relationship. That’s why they don’t hesitate to keep it and take care of it, enjoying time together whenever possible. However, they also take out time for themselves.

Recently, the model traveled to the interior of the country without Mario. When asked about this decision, members of it’s war He said he respected his partner’s space.

“It doesn’t bother me, Vania is an independent and empowered woman, she has every right to enjoy life and take advantage of her time. Unfortunately, I can’t travel as much because of my schedule in the program if I have to.” If I had a chance, I would have traveled more than Vania”, Indian.

He also said that the young woman has not yet decided to return to Miami.

“He has many reasons to live in Peru, one of them is that his family is here and he has few job offers”, Said Irivareen, who is shocked by his TikTok video with Vaniya, where the warrior makes practical jokes on the young woman.

“More than a relationship, Vania and I are friendship, we have a relationship based on trust and respect, so we can make fun of that on social media. Keep in mind that we were friends for ten years before we had boyfriends”Explained to Mario participating in My Mom Cooks Better Than Yours, a program that will air this Sunday, November 21 at 7 p.m. on America TV.

Mario Irivaren first introduced his mother on a TV show.  (Photo: America TV)
Mario Irivaren first introduced his mother on a TV show. (Photo: America TV)

“I had a great time with my mother, this is the first time I went to the event with her and it was a great experience.To. I’m great at following directions, but I’m also a renegade, and I was refusing in the kitchen that day because some things didn’t turn out as I wanted, but in the end, my dish was quite delicious”, he pointed.

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“ELAS MONTALVO is more talented than PATRICIO PARODI”

The model also referred to Elias Montalvo, partner of Esto es Guerra, who was presented on Saturday, November 13, as one of the participants of The Artist of the Year.

“I was pleasantly surprised that Elias is in The Artist of the Year. I’ve seen him very well in his productions, he sings very well, he has surprised many. I think he can perform very well , so I look forward to his next productions “, he pointed.

Likewise, he did not hesitate to add that Ilyas Montalvo is much more talented than Patricio’s parody.

“Elias is a boy with a talent for singing and dancing, he is a good representative of Esto es Guerra, not like a Patricio parody”He said with a laugh.

VANIA BLUDAU confesses that she fell in love with Mario Irivaran as a 15-year-old girl

In the last season of Reinas del Show, Vania Bludeau made a romantic confession about Mario Irivaren. The young woman told that she fell in love with the reality boy as a 15-year-old girl.

,I fell in love from the beginning as a 15 year old girl, I feel like when you first fell in love, like you were in school. The feeling remains and I am happy”, the dancer expressed with a big smile and held her partner’s hand.

Vania Bludeau and Mario Irivaren at the Reinas del Show.  (Photo: TV Capture)
Vania Bludeau and Mario Irivaren at the Reinas del Show. (Photo: TV Capture)

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