Tuesday, August 16, 2022

About to be squeezed by Qiaojiazhen? Ben Affleck is upset because a newly married ex-wife is worried

Married in Las Vegas and planning a grand celebrationBen Affleck(with Ben Affleck)Jennifer Lopez(Jennifer Lopez), who had previously spent her honeymoon in Paris, showed a strange contrast between the freshness of the woman and the lethargy and fatigue of the man. In particular, Ben Affleck was photographed on a boat on the Seine and was so exhausted that he fell asleep, and the outside world was suspicious of it. Is he too tired of Jennifer Lopez?

Ben Affleck will only turn 50 in the middle of this month, and he is 3 years younger than Jennifer Lopez. However, Jennifer maintains her body very well, and her career such as filming, performing on stage and launching beauty care products are all done together. Wait, as if the energy is endless. It is rumored that she and Ben Affleck have stated in their premarital agreement that they have sex at least four times a week to maintain the intimacy between husband and wife. Apparently, in her spare time, she’s a superhost of “Room” that’s not partial to physical work.

In contrast, Ben Affleck only needs to be busy with her in managing his marriage, filming and taking care of the kids. It’s not harder than that, but it looks like she’s about to be drained, with not only viewers shocked by the rumours, even his ex-wife Jennifer Garner worried.

The latest issue of “Us” features Jennifer Garner on the cover. The title pointed out that she was worried about Ben. The text mentioned that her relationship with her enterprising boyfriend was stagnant, so Ben Affleck was worried. This is of course not because of the mindset of wanting to go back to the grass, but because they have given birth to two daughters and a son together, and regard her as a member of the family. I fear he will light too many candles. , and will get tired, repeat the same mistakes, and rely on drugs and alcohol again. Marriage is not very optimistic.

Ben Affleck was caught on a honeymoon in Paris but was so exhausted that he slept on a boat on the Seine. (courtesy from Instagram)


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