According to Ipso, this is Peru’s most powerful man

U.S.A.According to Ipso, this is Peru's most powerful man

Pedro Castillo. Photo: Andina.

President Pedro Castillo is the most powerful person in PeruAccording to the XLI Power Survey, a report prepared by Ipsos Peru for Semana Economica. The President received a total of 86% of the votes of 185 opinion leaders among public officials, elected officials, politicians, intellectuals, businessmen and journalists.

After Castillo, they believe that Vladimir Cerrone (with 72%), Secretary General of Peru Libre, is the most powerful person, followed by marycarmen alva (with 65%), President of Congress.

Normally, this survey is led by the head of state, however, according to the publication’s editor, Barbara Salas, the 86% obtained by a professor is the lowest figure in the past five years.

“Performance in error, contradiction, lack of a single vision within the cabinet, crossing taunts between different ministers, it is regarded as the most powerful in Peru, but not as powerful as other previous presidents”, Salas commented.

“Usually the top 5 presidents of the ranking are, among other state powers, the leader of the opposition (but), in this case Vladimir Cerrone, while he is the general secretary of the ruling party, and although he has been a leader in recent weeks. distance has been made, it is echoed in part by the Peruvian Libre Bench ”, added.

After the first three places in the ranking, the Chairman of the Council of Ministers appears, mirtha vasquez (57%), by the Minister of Economy, Pedro Franke (55%), and by the Chairman of the Central Reserve Bank of Peru, Julio Velarde (47%).

Whereas, in the last places, the picture Keiko Fujimori (31%), Carlos Rodriguez Pastor (23%) and César Acua (20%). Roque Benavides, former president of Confipe, closed the list with 17%.

who should withdraw from the policy

The leader of Fuerza Popular also appears in another ranking. 69% of those surveyed believed that Keiko Fujimori He should withdraw from politics forever. Meanwhile, 49% think so Vladimir Ceron, While Pedro Castillo (27%), Rafael López Aliga (26%) and Lourdes Flores Nano (15%) complete the ranking.

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“They don’t believe a farmer is the president

Facing a possible presidential vacancy against Pedro Castillo, the leader of the Alliance for Progress (APP), César Acua, spoke loudly and clearly about the classism shown by the opposition with his actions from the Congress of the Republic .

As recalled, the third vice president, Patricia Chirinos, had a few days ago promoted a request for a vacancy offer seeking to remove the Cajamarca professor from power. It was supported by the benches of Fuerza Popular, Renovation Popular, Avanza Pais, among other congressmen.

In view of this, César Acua insisted that, regardless of who is in the presidency—he or Pedro Castillo—the reality is that he cannot support a farmer being the country’s president.

“They don’t accept that a farmer is the president of Peru. If Cesar Acua was president, it would have been so. They have to accept the fact, today we have a president who is elected by the people.” Announced the former candidate for the presidency for Exitosa.

On whether his party would support a final vacancy against the head of state, the businessman confirmed he would not engage in these actions and expected the same from his Alianza para el Progresso bench.

“I hope that the Bench agrees with the founder’s thinking as we believe that the APP has been established to serve Peru and the only way to serve is to strive to protect institutionality and protect stability”, Acuna pointed.

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