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The U.S. Department of Commerce has announced that it has added 12 Chinese companies to its trade blacklist, the so-called entity list, for national security concerns. These companies are allegedly supporting the Chinese military’s efforts on quantum computers.

A total of 27 companies from four countries, including Pakistan, Singapore, and Japan, have been newly added to the entity list released on November 24, including the previous Chinese company. Also, among the companies in China and Pakistan, there are 13 companies that are said to be involved in nuclear development and ballistic missile planning in Pakistan.

“International trade and trade must support peace and prosperity, and good employment, not national security risks,” Secretary of Commerce Gina Lemond said in a statement.

The Japanese companies on the list this time are affiliated companies of Chinese companies called Corad Technology. Corad Technology is listed as selling US technology for Iran’s military and space programs in 2019, with affiliates located in Japan and Singapore.

Many other companies have tried to steal new U.S. technology to leverage quantum computers in the development of anti-submarine weapons by the Chinese army, cryptanalysis, and conversely unbreakable cryptography. Is said to be. There are also three other companies that are allegedly cooperating with Pakistan’s “unsafe nuclear development activities.”

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US suppliers that supply parts and other supplies to companies on the Entity List will need to be licensed in advance. However, the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) of the US Bureau of Industry and Security is unlikely to allow this.

In order to use quantum computers for military purposes, it is necessary to research and develop methods. Therefore, it is almost impossible to prevent the future military use of quantum computers only by registering the entity list.

However, stopping the supply of US-made processors and related equipment to assist in development will weaken the flow of military quantum computer development in China as much as possible.

The United States believes that China‘s quantum computer development will be an obstacle to its advantage not only economically but also militaryly.

(1: US Department of Commerce (PDF). Reprinted from Engadget Japan version)


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