Adrian Mattheis Challenges Elite Fighters in One Championship

SportsAdrian Mattheis Challenges Elite Fighters in One Championship

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JAKARTA – Indonesian fighter Adrian Mattheis is excited to return to the ONE Championship Circle. However, The Papua Bad Boy wants to meet the right opponent and is ready to show off his best abilities.

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Adrian had to wait a very long time to return to the ring. The 28-year-old fighter has not been in action since his last defeat in 2019 to compatriot Stefer Rahardian.

As his self-confidence as a martial artist is much better now, Adrian is willing to face the top contender in the strawweight class.

He observes the potential for a fight against the elites in his division, one of which is the Japanese star, Ryuta Sawada.

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“It would be nice if I could meet him (Sawada). He’s a grappler, while I attack a lot. I like the exchange of attacks,” said Adrian.

“I will take him to fight on the feet. If he drops me, I will immediately stand up again. All I can say is, I will knock him down. [menang],” he continued.

Not only Sawada who can offer exciting duels, Adrian feels the fight against Bokang Masunyane from South Africa is more challenging. According to him, the rank 2 fighter has strength on the feet and on the ground.

“He (Bokang) is a complete fighter. If I face him, I will try my best to prepare for this fight,” said Adrian.

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