Adrian Mattheis Leads Petrosyan at ONE: First Strike

SportsAdrian Mattheis Leads Petrosyan at ONE: First Strike

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SINGAPORE – Indonesian MMA star Adrian “The Papua Badboy” Mattheis can’t wait to see the Kickboxing mega bout at ONE: First Strike. The match, which takes place at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, 15 October 2021, will feature leading star athletes.

Adrian himself is a kickboxing athlete talent and managed to bring home a bronze medal in SEA Games 2019 . He has been passionate about kickboxing from the very beginning of his career in the sport of martial arts and incorporates it into every game of his Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

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In the main event of ONE: First Strike, Italian-Armenian legend Giorgio “The Doctor” Petrosyan will face Thai superstar Superbon. In that bout, the inaugural ONE Featherweight Kickboxing World Champion will be contested.

As a fan, Adrian is very excited about a match that will be full of punch and kick action where such matches are very rare. Moreover, he has a champion in the fight.

“I still believe Petrosyan will win the match because he is a former Glory champion. And he’s very technical. Whereas Superbon is naturally a Muay Thai fighter so he needs to make adjustments. Meanwhile, Petrosyan started his career as a kickboxer from the start and has mastered all kickboxing techniques,” said Adrian.

Petrosyan is a ONE Featherweight Kickboxing Grand Prix World Champion and is ranked first in the world championship battle. He joined ONE Super Series in 2018 after winning titles at Glory, K-1 and ISKA. Meanwhile, Superbon was ranked as the second challenger and former champion in the Kunlun Fight World Max tournament.

While Adrian topped Petrosyan who would become the World Champion and grab the belt from ONE Championship , but he also needs to remind fans that Superbon is also a very serious challenger to face and a challenge in itself for his opponent. Don’t be underestimated!

“I think Superbon’s powerful shot is very dangerous. It can shake Petrosyan but at the same time Petrosyan can certainly anticipate it. Petrosyan also has a strong kick as well as a hard punch which will be his ultimate weapon,” said Adrian.

According to Adrian, the match will be very competitive and will require all 5 rounds to produce a champion. “Superbon is the perfect opponent for Petrosyan. I think the fight will be far away where Petrosyan will win it,” concluded Adrian.


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