After intense debate, Louisiana plans to classify abortion as a homicide

Louisiana Judges and Law Enforcement Officers Unlawful use or any other federal ruling.

“Your bill clearly violates the principle of separation of powers,” Republican spokeswoman Barry Ivy told Mr McCormick during a live debate, asking if he would accept it. Mr. McCormick did not answer them directly.

“It’s okay if you do not understand,” Mr. Ewe replied. “If you did, you wouldn’t have brought it.”

Governor John Bell Edwards objected Wednesday, saying the bill was “clearly unconstitutional.”

“It is absurd to suggest that a woman go to jail for an abortion,” Edwards said in a separate statement Wednesday. “This law is radical, it is more than just a positive life.”

Mr. Edwards is the only Democratic governor of the Deep South. But they have a history of strongly advocating anti-abortion law, including cases such as rape and pornography, as well as state laws prohibiting abortion anytime after the detection of fetal heart activity – such an act has angered many in his own party. .

Still, prosecuting abortionists is a line that many anti-abortion activists do not want to cross. Donald J. Trump is vying for the presidency when he says women seeking abortions should receive “some sort of punishment.” He subsequently withdrew his statement. Trump said the victim in the case was a woman who also had life in her womb.

But supporters of Louisiana law have protested against his bill. Regardless of the Supreme Court ruling, they argue that immediate efforts are needed to stop abortion in Louisiana. His reasoning: States have taken other actions contrary to federal law. Abortion should not be different, he said.

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