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Attio is a new CRM for those familiar with new generation collaboration tools like Airtable, Notion and Zapier. The company is trying to create a product that contains all the important information about a user’s customers, suppliers and partners, but at the same time it has the flexibility to easily organize, list and manipulate data.

Attio has raised a $ 7.7 million seed round led by Point Nine, with Balderton Capital and Headline participating. The company’s long-time investor, Passion Capital, and several angel investors also participated. The latter are Front co-founder and CEO Mathilde Collin, Loom co-founder and CTO Vinay Hiremath, and Loom and Hyper co-founder Shahed Khan. Kahn) and Indeed co-founder Paul Forster.

It’s no wonder that the list of investors is so long, looking at the careers of the founders. Nicolas Sharp, co-founder and CEO of Attio, was formerly an Associate of Passion Capital and later founded Attio with Alexander Christie. He spent a lot of time processing the deal flow portion of the company.

Sharp was particularly inspired by Airtable and Notion. “Currently, great things are happening in the world of business software, especially CRM. CRM can now make whatever customers want. On the other hand, it’s like this. Is happening and is interesting in itself. The CRM market is undergoing a paradigm shift in new ways of selling. Now it’s important to foster relationships through different channels. “

This means that CRM software is no longer limited to sales teams. Today, many people working at Company A interact with various people at Company B. In such a situation, if you stick to a single contact point, you will not be able to grasp or track the whole.

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Attio captures data from a variety of existing tools. When you set up your account, you also import your team’s contacts. You can also sync email conversations with the CRM platform. Choose either metadata only or subject and metadata as the level of sharing. And of course, you can sync your calendar.

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After doing so, Attio automatically supplements user data from third-party sources such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. You can also see the timeline of recent dialogues between your company and a particular contact, or search for other companies to find out who you know in that company.

Even more interesting is the construction of the collection. A collection is a list of contacts for a particular project. For example, you can create a collection of all investors, or a collection of information and communication channels (so-called “connections”) for sales. There will also be a collection of reporters you know.

There are many ways to look at the collection. You can add data in a spreadsheet-like interface consisting of rows and columns, like Airtable. You can add columns with new attributes when you need them for a collection.

Alternatively, the contact can be moved from one column to another. It may be in calendar format. Each view can be customized with different filters and sorting criteria.

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Attio has many SaaS-like designs, making it suitable for team use. You can check the latest activity in each tab method, create a task and add a note, and the project as a team starts from there.

Currently, the company has about 120 paying customers, used by teams at companies such as Coca-Cola, Supercell, Saltpay, Causal, and Upfront Ventures. But Attio isn’t the only one trying to “reinvent” CRM in this way. Competitors include the recently introduced Folk, 4Degrees, and Affinity.

When Sharp came up with this product, the competition wasn’t that fierce yet. “At that time, Notion was just opening and everyone was developing things like new spreadsheets and new notebook apps. No one was trying to apply the new principles to CRM,” Sharp said. say.

For users, the choice of CRM platform has greatly increased. I would like to keep an eye on how this field will evolve.

Image credit: Attio

Image credit: Attio

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