Alfredo Benavides: Prosecutor’s office warns of flight risks in request for 36 months of preventive detention

U.S.A.Alfredo Benavides: Prosecutor's office warns of flight risks in...

Alfredo Benavides is charged with an alleged offense of money laundering. (Photo: Instagram)

Alfredo Benavides An investigation is underway for the alleged offense of money laundering. Following this procedure, Prosecutor’s office requested 36 months of preventive detention, as he warned of the danger of flying.

The public ministry representative, Leidy Galvez, accuses the comedian of being involved with Carlos Burgos, the former mayor of San Juan de Lurigancho. He also explained why he demands preventive custody for Alfredo Benavides. It is worth noting that the wife of JB leader in ATV has also been involved in this investigation.

The National Superior Court’s 7th Preparatory Investigation Court held a virtual hearing, where it was indicated that George Benavides’ brother had recorded an address on his DNI, while in the notary public he indicated a different location.

“Since the defendant Alfredo Benavides has registered up to two real addresses, it can be concluded that we are facing a person who has multiple addresses, which is not creating confidence about his home roots. , a condition that represents a flight risk”, Indicates the prosecutor.

The Public Ministry also reported that the comedian has a recurring migrant movement, as he has traveled to the United States, Panama, Cuba, Colombia, etc. According to the prosecutor, it “It shows that there is the ease and economic power to go anywhere in the world to avoid prosecution of a crime and face the process in this country.”

Prosecutor Leidy Galvez Sánchez also points out that it is unclear where Alfredo Benavides currently works, so there are no worker roots and that would warn of a greater likelihood of flight.

“There is no definite information as to what work, professional activity or any trade or profession he is presently associated with and from which he considers the roots of his work. Which does not necessarily generate labor inertia , even more so if one takes into account that before the imminent imminence of possible criminal sanction, he may be disqualified from practicing the profession.”, he pointed.

Alfredo Benavides: What does the Public Ministry accuse you of?

On November 19, the 7th Preparatory Investigation Court of the National Superior Court held a virtual hearing of the prosecutor’s request for preventive custody against Alfredo Benavides Gastello and others in the investigation of Carlos Jose Burgos Horna for the offense of money laundering. State.

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In this virtual meeting, prosecutors Leidy Galvez Sánchez indicated that Alfredo Benavides and Karin Marengo Nez purchased properties with money illegally acquired during the illegal administration of former San Juan de Lurigancho mayor Carlos Burgos.

The officer said that, according to the version of his protected witness, the Benavides used this illicit money to buy 1 million soles of land in Huaral, a car for $8,500 and an apartment in Miraflores worth $400,000.

“I know that Mr. Carlos Burgos had acquired several properties in the name of Alfredo Benavides such as the one located in the rural community of Sumbilça in Hural, in which he acquired 500 hectares with Mr. Yangli de la Pea, the money was In its entirety it was awarded by Mr. Carlos Burgos for the amount of one million soles”, said prosecutor Leidy Galvez, who requested 36 months of preventive custody during the investigation of the case.

The wife of George Benavides also questioned

The Public Ministry also indicated that the money in Alfredo’s accounts was not equitable with the income he received as an artist, while investigating his sister-in-law Karen Marengo for allegedly taking a loan to buy a piece of land in Trujillo. Which is being done, which is in the name of the comedian.

“Later, they have had some commercial relationship and as a result, through a money loan made by Benavides’ sister-in-law (Carin Marengo Nez), with additional money, Carlos Burgos acquired an estate in the city. Trujillo and that it would have been registered in the name of the comedian”, The prosecutor insists according to the statement of his protected witness.

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