Alfredo Zambrano and Giuliana Rengifo: Why didn’t they take pictures together?

U.S.A.Alfredo Zambrano and Giuliana Rengifo: Why didn't they take...

Giuliana Rengifo has no evidence of an affair with Alfredo Zambrano. (Photo: Instagram)

Giuliana Rengifo did not remain silent after new hints were sent by Magali Medina, when she confessed that she had a short-lived romantic relationship with the notary Alfredo Zambrano.

The singer contacted the Amor y Fuego program to talk about the issue, noting that she had indeed received the signal, so she told him that her first and last if she was going to talk about it. Reveal the name.

,If those signs were for me, come on. I didn’t get into a relationship, so he shouldn’t feel impressed in anything, or send me signals. I had a relationship with the lord and he was“, He said.

Despite the short time they were together, giuliana rengifo He said that for him it was not only an outgoing, but a formal couple, despite the fact that they were together only for a month and a half.

,For me it was a relationship, it was not a day, it was a week, it was a month, it was so many days, for me it was a relationship”, commented the Peruvian singer before questions about timing.

Similarly, when asked if she had any evidence to show that she was indeed having an affair with Alfredo Zambrano, Giuliana declared that they did not, as they never took a photo together.

,People who know me know that I’m not lying. I have no proof that I was with him, I have never photographed him, but I have witnesses. He told me that he had recently broken up with her and didn’t want to expose me or hurt me, that it was going to happen gradually. And later he had no reason to hide (…) I would go to his house, he would pick me up at the airport, we would visit occasionally“, he pointed.

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Cinverguenza calls on Alfredo Zambrano

After confirming that he had a relationship with alfredo zambrano, Husband Magali Medina, Giuliana Rengifo stuns drivers love and fire Calling the notary a “scoundrel”. Above all, minutes after saying that their relationship happened when they were both single.

,If I come to him, I don’t greet him because he seems like a scoundrel because he, as a man, would tell his wife not to mind me. While she doesn’t speak, she tells me from A to Z when I did her the favor of keeping quiet for so many yearssaid the singer.

It is noteworthy that Rengifo reported that he chose to remain silent out of fear and because many had advised him to do so, due to the weight of the media that Magali Medina has.

The drivers of Amor y Fuego were not very convinced by the singer’s response, and added: “If he suddenly cheated on me, who knows? This is an assumption, I was sure, that he was unmarried. Why do I have to say hello to you? No, I don’t have to say hello to him. I would greet Magali, but not him,

Magali prefers silence

Magali Medina has not commented on the statements of giuliana rengifo Feather love and fire, As is known, the journalist is characterized by keeping his marital problems private. alfredo zambrano,

However, on Wednesday, 17 November in the broadcast of Magali TV, La Firme, ‘Urraca’ did not hesitate to hint at the cumbia singer.

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