Alianza Lima vs Johan Fano Sporting Crystal: “Finals won, no one remembers second place”

U.S.A.Alianza Lima vs Johan Fano Sporting Crystal: "Finals won,...

Johann Fano debuted as a coach in the first division of Colombian football.

johann fano, former striker of the University of Sports, He mentioned the last beach Lima Alliance And sporting crystal This Sunday, November 28 at the National Stadium, where the champions of league 1 2021, The football coach, now in the first division of Colombian football, was emphatic with his opinion and said that the ‘celestials’ have what it takes to reverse the situation.

,Finals are not played, they are won. No one remembers the other. Alianza Lima comes with an advantage, but Sporting Crystal are a team of good players and they can certainly reverse that situation, big teams can do that, reverse difficult situations,” the former striker told GOLPERU. Commented in an interview with.

Johann Fano rings the bell again after winning his first game as coach in Colombian football. AndPeruvian was installed as an interim technician and defeated Independiente de Santa Fe in his debut. In matches valid for match day 20, Golden Eagles They won 1–0 with a goal from lvaro Angulo. His team is in 13th place with 25 points.

On the other hand, Rimac was crowned the winner of Stage 1 and reached this level after finishing first in the accumulated table. ‘Blanciajules’, on the other hand, were the winners of stage 2 and finished second in the general table. Without a doubt they were the most regulars of the year and both are already established in the group stage of the Copa Libertadores 2022.

Fano talks about his debut in the Colombian league

,be ready for opportunitiesWe have been abusing friends earlier for continuing to study, travel, learn, sometimes practice. I am grateful to my players for securing a very important victory in Santa Fe.”

,The victory I dedicate from heaven to my father has guided me to make the right decisions, There was a lot of panic, I had two footballers under my command and I faced them at some point, but as a coach you have to know everyone very well and thus be at the level of knowing what to decide”.

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Trajectory in clubs in Colombia

Later, he made a career for clubs in Peru, Mexico, although it was in Colombia where he found his place in the world, as he had to face ‘coffee producers’ after once defending the shirts of Caldas, Atlético Nacional and Aguilas. Got a lot of love. Dordas, the club where he is now interim coach, made his debut with a 1-0 win over Independiente de Santa Fe last Sunday 21.

Johann Fano takes over as interim coach at Golden Eagles. Photo: Twitter
Johann Fano takes over as interim coach at Golden Eagles. Photo: Twitter


“Ricardo Gareca was always straight forward and straight with me, the press speculated a lot, created differences and rumours, but he never closed the club’s doors and when the offer came to leave, he helped me.”

Johann Fano admits he will be compared to Lapadula

name of the johann fano Feather Colombia are famous. And it is that he has gone through three teams from that country, and of very good caliber, such as once Caldas, Atlético Nacional and Aguilas Doradas, where he now coaches. His quality as a striker and his hierarchy has been undeniable to the extent that, that from that country he compared him to the current attacker of the Peruvian team, Gianluca Lapadula,

“When I was playing, many journalists in Colombia compare him (Gianluca Lapadula) to me. For delivery, Sacrifice, Fighting each ball, Diagonal, Mental strengthBut most importantly, he is being useful to the national team and that’s okay.”, Fano remarked in an interview with Villax Deportes.

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