Alicia Machado confirms her courtship with Roberto Romano

U.S.A.Alicia Machado confirms her courtship with Roberto Romano

Alicia Machado finally confirmed the romance with her Roberto Romano After the speculation on the famous reality show famous house, Venezuela decided to answer questions about his love life.

“Roberto and I have a relationship right now.“We are very happy to leave that successful show and meet, for that reason we are giving ourselves a chance and we have decided between the two,” the Venezuelan said in an interview for the programme. Tell me what you know From telemundo,

before this Alicia no longer hides her courtship with the Mexican actor, as she showed off the setting up of a Christmas tree at her Miami residence, where her new boyfriend was a guest., The Instagram account “At Home with Telemundo” published the video where Machado appears to be very happy and a little nervous with Romano.

former beauty queen was severely criticized by his followers and received varying comments, some praising her about her tree and its ornaments, while others disagreeing about her new relationship. “That guy knows he has money, he’s always been a playboy”, “I hope he takes care of you and I value you”, “What love? He’s behind your money”, “Too Careful Alicia”, “How desperate is Romano to move in with”, “He doesn’t deserve you, really think about it”, among others.

The actress assures that she is very happy with her current boyfriend (Photo: Twitter)

After the negative comments, Alicia Machado also decided to talk about it in the interview Tell me what you know, “I am going to tell you one thing and with all the love I am there for you. Later house of the famous I won’t let them into my life even though I’m exposed for three months, They know that my soul and my heart are theirs, but I am also a woman who follows happiness”, the famous woman revealed.

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“Nor can I allow my fans, or the public, or anyone who from now on feel the right to handle me or make decisions in my intimate and personal life as if I were a plastic doll. I lived that when I was 18 and I won’t let it happen againAlicia said.

He also assured that Romano is a “Good boy”, In fact, Roberto showed in his latest temporary Instagram stories that he is in Miami and in one of his short videos you can see smiling Venezuelans behind him.

Alicia also took the opportunity to comment on the relationship between her new boyfriend and her daughter, Dinora, as the teenager stopped greeting Mexicans in front of the cameras on the day of the finale of the show., “My daughter is a beautiful girl, with values ​​and very kind. I have taught her that people always deserve a second chance. Dinora is my priority, the reason for my life, my universe, my everything and as she does to me. loves she will support me”, revealed the artist.

Alicia Machado’s daughter Dinorah did not greet Roberto Romano in the final of the reality show (Photo: Instagram / @machadooficial)

“After the last Roberto and Dinora spoke, the truth is that he’s been very sweet with her; we even went to dinner together and there they could talk more. The girl understood that some of the broadcasts were manipulated, she is my daughter but she respects my life too much”, he claimed.

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