Alliance Lima Vs. Sporting Crystal live: time, date and channels to enjoy the first leg of the Ligue 1 final

U.S.A.Alliance Lima Vs. Sporting Crystal live: time, date...

Alianza Lima vs Sporting Crystal: Date 16 of Stage 2 of Ligue 1 (Photo: Raul Cifuentes).

After experiencing an intense double date of the Qatar 2022 Qualifiers that brought us many joys, it is time to return to the exciting final of the local tournament. Let’s not forget that there are still two dates left to know Lima Alliance hey sporting crystal They will lift the cup and consolidate as the absolute champions of the year.

Definition of national title in round trip matches played in National Stadium. The first will be nothing more and nothing less Sunday, November 21 And the second will be a week later, Sunday 28 of this month,

The last encounter between the two teams took place about a month ago. In addition, we must remember that the Blue and Whites could not return to their training for the final in the stipulated time and started a week later because of the large number of positive cases of COVID-19 that the team initially presented . Month. Fortunately, most of those affected overcame the infection and were able to join training a week ago.

For their part, Sporting Crystal had no problem preparing for the final, the celestials started within the stipulated time and did not suffer any setbacks. Thanks to this, Roberto Mosquera already has a possible 11 for this Sunday’s final, it will be made up of: Duarte, Chavez, Lora, Loyola, Merlo, Castillo, Gonzales, Calcatera, Liza, Riquelme and vila. Read on to know all the details of Sunday’s game.

Alliance Lima Vs. Sporting Crystal date and time

Alianza Lima and Sporting Crystal will meet for the first time in a first leg match Sunday, November 21 at the National Stadium From 3.00 pm local time.

Capacity and Tickets

Match between the finalists of League 1 a. will be played with 30% Efficiency Which has been authorized by the concerned health authorities. This means that it is estimated that about 13 thousand people are involved in each duel. The stands will be distributed as follows: 4,000 in the north and south, 2,000 in the west and 900 in the east.

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Remember that only fans who have their complete vaccination schedule can participate. Similarly, they should follow biosafety protocols such as maintaining social distancing and wearing double masks at all times.

Tickets were due to go on sale through the joinnus.com website starting this Thursday, November 18th. However, Liga 1 general manager Victor Villavicencio told a press conference that the sale had been delayed, as the Interior Ministry had given the necessary guarantees to develop the match only for the final this Thursday. Therefore, it is expected that tickets will go on sale this Friday, the 19th, as there are only two days left for the meeting.

channels that will stream live

Alianza is the channel broadcasting the duel between Lima and Sporting Crystal. Target Peru (cable). But you can also watch all the events live through the website of infobe peru: Goals, Best Plays, Controversies, Descriptions, Narrations and much more.

Alliance Lima Vs. Sporting Crystal: events in the world

Peru: 3:00 pm

Ecuador: 3:00 pm

Colombia: 3:00 pm

United States (New York, Miami): 3:00 pm

Mexico: 2:00 pm

Venezuela: 4:00 pm

Bolivia: 4:00 pm

Argentina: 5:00 pm

Uruguay: 5:00 PM

Chile: 5:00 pm

Espana: 9:00 p.m.

How the winner is defined

According to the basis of Ligue 1, the club with the most points in these two games will be declared the national champion. If there are equal points at the end of both matches, the winning team with the best goal difference will be. If despite this the draw continues, then two halves of 15 minutes each will be played. If the result remains even, it will be defined by penalty.

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