Alone with Jeremy Renner: The premiere of “Hockey” and his desire to be reunited with the Avengers

U.S.A.Alone with Jeremy Renner: The premiere of "Hockey" and...

Disney Plus Comes off with a new story different from your already great avengers, after the success of wandavision And Winter Soldier (both of them By-product Original story in cinema), comes a series dedicated to Hawkeye, Its protagonist is Jeremy Renner, an actor who achieved world fame for the film live on the edge ,The Hurt LockeR, 2008), With which he won the Oscar for Best Picture. His career was a steady climb and he got the libretto in hand to play a superhero. the Avengers They were part of a saga in which everyone worked together, but they each had their own stories in parallel. Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Black Widow, Captain America, Hulk, Thor and Captain Marvel are part of the select group and Everyone has told their own special stories apart from participating in the saga.

Now it was Hawkeye’s turn, and This Wednesday, November 24, he will premiere his series on Disney+. “There are still a lot of things about Hawkeye that we haven’t explored. The series allows us to show a new side of Clint Barton”says the show’s executive producer, Trin Tran.

Recall that Clint comes to a very painful end with the Avengers. ,He suffered a great loss both at the blip and when he lost Natasha. It established a very interesting emotional starting point. Clint must leave his past in order to let someone new in. So the depth we were able to get into his character was a beautiful challenge, and in the hands of a multi-talented actor like Jeremy, we knew fans wouldn’t be disappointed.”, analyzed Burt of the Burt & Bertie directing team, who directed three episodes of this installment. The rest is led by Rhys Thomas, who is also serving as executive producer.

what is it about Hawkeye

Jeremy Renner plays Clint Barton, a former avenger, husband, and father of a family with the sole mission of enjoying a musical in New York. the Avengers in Hollywood. But his plans as a family man will be put to a halt due to the arrival of an enemy from the past. Therefore, you will be forced to work with Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld), a skilled 22-year-old archer and follower of Barton’s career, Together they are going to try to stop this villain and Clint hopes to be able to reach his home by Christmas. We also get stars like us in the cast Vera Farmiga (like Kate’s mother), Phra Fei, Tony Dalton, Zahn McClaren and debutant, Alaqua Cox, In the role of Maya Lopez.

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In communication with Infobae, Jeremy Renner He reflected on his character and his desire to reunite with the rest of the ‘Avengers’.

Hailee Steinfeld and Jeremy Renner star in “Hockey”. (courtesy photo)

Hawkeye it seems like the atmosphere avengers, A lot of action, a lot of humour, what we could see in the first two episodes. Clint is trying to live a quiet life with his family but duty says, who’s going to win?

Who will win? (Laughter) Such is the life of a superhero, but the past is also trying to reach him. But yeah, everything is going to be ruined, so you’ll have to wait and see.

Feather Hawkeye Kate Bishop’s character is included in the Marvel Universe for the first time And according to Burt, this new heroine “She’s full of rookie energy: she’s combative and strong-willed, with a keen desire to show her full potential. She has a refreshing confidence that we can’t always find in female characters. She has incredible skills with a bow and arrow.” And we love that she knows how good she is. Luckily, Kate Clint’s comedy is contrast, and that’s what makes her infinitely lovable.”

Hawkeye - Trailer
Hawkeye is the person who handles the bow and arrow with perfection. (courtesy photo)

How is the relationship going to be between Kate and Clint? Because it seems like he is the one taking care of her, but he is also very brave.

Yes, yes, your relationship is something that grows very fast and changes due to a variety of definitions of what your partner is, friendship or how to be your mentor. There are many things and it grows throughout the series. I think this is probably the most important relationship for Clint in the series.

Would you like to be in the rest of the Avengers movie?

I am always there to meet my friends again, I would never say it. Yes, I miss them, I really do.

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