Saturday, November 26, 2022

Amazon workers in 40 countries plan to protest on Black Friday

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Bloomberg News reported that thousands of shoppers in nearly 40 countries have been affected by the Black Friday e-commerce promotion.AmazonThe warehouse workers plan to protest and strike for better pay and working conditions.

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As the cost-of-living crisis deepens, the U.S.UK,JapanAmazon workers in China, Australia, South Africa and European countries are preparing for the “Make Amazon Pay” protest, demanding that employers raise wages and improve working conditions. The protest was organized by a multinational coalition of national trade unions and is supported by environmental and civil society groups.

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“It’s time for the tech giants to immediately stop their bad, unsafe practices, respect the law and negotiate with employees who want better treatment,” said Hoffman, general secretary of the UNI Global Union.

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French union CGT and Germany’s Ver.di are leading the latest collective action to put workers on strike at 18 of Amazon’s biggest warehouses in a bid to disrupt deliveries in key European markets.

Sylvester, head of the Ver.di Amazon committee, claimed that employees are particularly concerned about their productivity being closely monitored by computers. Amazon uses algorithms to set job goals, such as determining the number of packages employees must process per hour.

In the UK, Amazon workers affiliated with the union GMB plan to protest outside several warehouses, including one in Coventry.

“Amazon workers in Coventry are overworked, underpaid and fed up,” says GMB protest planner Jillian, as hundreds demand the company raise wages from £10.50 an hour to £15 an hour gather to .gbp.

Local Amazon workers will protest in more than 10 cities in the United States, as well as outside an apartment building on Fifth Avenue in New York as a home owned by Amazon founder Bezos. India will also organize several protest rallies. Members of Japan‘s newly formed union will protest in front of Amazon’s Japanese headquarters in Tokyo.

Some of the protests will focus on Amazon’s environmental and social footprint, with employees in Ireland, for example, outside Amazon’s Dublin offices protesting two planned new data centers in the city. In South Africa, protesters will gather near Amazon’s new Cape Town office, where indigenous people consider the land being developed sacred.


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