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TechnologyAmazon's new smart band "Halo View" pre-order started, limited...

Amazon, which announced a new version of its fitness band “Halo” at a hardware event in September, began accepting pre-orders on November 19th. Amazon’s first wearable “Halo View” with a display is $ 50 (about 5700 yen) during the reservation period. The regular price is $ 80 (about 9100 yen).

The device, which will ship in December, comes with a year’s worth of Halo membership. The Halo plan includes a workout and nutrition management guide, usually available for $ 4 per month.

The Halo View is similar in design to the Fitbit Charge band, with an AMOLED color display showing details such as live workouts, activity history, blood oxygen levels, and sleep scores (some of these features are Halo. Subscription only). Text notifications can also be displayed.

“Swimming” waterproof level devices include skin temperature sensors, heart rate monitors, and accelerometers. Amazon says a single charge can last up to 7 days and take 2 hours to fully charge.

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Halo View doesn’t have a built-in microphone, but it does work with Alexa. You can connect to your voice assistant in the Halo app settings to let your Alexa-enabled device know your health summary, sleep quality, and more.

Amazon emphasized privacy when designing Halo. “The data is kept safe and protected in layers so that users can control it,” the company claims. It also promises not to resell health data that is directly linked to users. You can also download your health data or delete it from the Halo app at any time.

Editor’s Note: This article first appeared on Engadget. Author Kris Holt is a contributor to Engadget.

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